glens-xs-650-7Bought from a co-worker who used to trip around music festivals in AB on it back in the 80’s. Then let it sit outside for last 10 years!


Except for the carb diaphragms being disintegrated and carb bowls and jets full of green tar (old gas), bike was in great shape with just under 10,000kms on it. Shot a bunch of squirrel shit out of one of the pipes on first startup!

List of stuff:
Cafe seat fr nickletown
piggybacks w lower springs
2″ fork lowering kit from hhb
rear disc conversion with ss brakeline and drilled/slotted rotor
speed ovals in rear wheel (haven’t had a spare 7 hours to do front wheel yet…)
rear swingarm brace
bronze swingarm bushings
axle mount plate/tailllight
fork brace/fender mount
shinko 705 front tire
big front brake swap with ss brakeline
roller bearings in headset
34″ dirt track bars
mx front brake mc/lever and clutch lever
LED headlight
Vapor digital gauge (engine temp/speedo/tach)
aftermarket throttle and cable
vm36 single carb with 1 to 2 intake (made from stock exhaust pipe)
oil cooler
tc bros exhaust kit & nickletown cone muffler
Indian Larry’d a spare tank I had with a mallet
footpegs and shifter robbed from a kx250
cut/flipped/slotted brake pedal to match pegs

Bit more tuning of the single carb set-up, re-paint headers, and some wiring clean-up and she’s ready for another coating of mud!


Submitted by Glen


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