Marcus Budget Monkey bike

budget-monkey-bike-4Bought the bike cause I love the engine and the sheer sound of it. The 79 version of design wasn’t quite as much to my liking, so something had to be done!

Since the wife has restricted my budget i had to resist a complete rebuild. I got a tank from What I i believe to be an xs2, cut and reused the rear fender, a fake oil tank, battery box and forward controls from TC bros. Bought 1inch handle bar, risers and grips and stuff from a marauder.

I spent about 3 000 US including the bike, and it is a lot of fun to ride 🙂


Thought it looked pretty good until I heard two thirteenyearolds talk about it:

-“look at that bike!”
-“Yeah! Wonder what it is?”
-“Duh!!! It’s a Monkey Bike! Just look at the handlebars!!”


Epic fail i suppose, I’ll get back to you when I have corrected it 🙂


Submitted by Marcus


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