Chris xs650 Cafe for Sale


82 model. We built custom blinkers front and rear. We build a one of a kind electronics box under the seat to get the smooth triangle look.

We drilled rotors and engine covers for cool look and weight.

We took the speedo apart and put in led lights for signals and neutral. New rubber all around the bike as well as seals and grommets.

Fresh paint. We custom built and hand sown the seat for this bike.

Exhaust are also custom built as well as the rear sets. New switches and bars as well as cables fuel lines and break lines.

This bike as if it had come off a show room floor. The only miles have been test miles to jet the carbs.

My friend and I built this to help our one of our friends who has medical issues and needs surgery.


PRICE: $4,200 (please email and we will connect you to the buyer)

By Nashville Chris

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