Dave’s first xs650 project

-02 2015

John david scott – I found this bike from a friend who didn’t even know what kind of bike it was. it had been buried in the shed for 32 years.he bought it new in 1981 and put ten thousand miles on it and stuck it in the barn. he gave it to me and I brought her home and I didn’t know what I had until I started looking online. I put 100 miles on her before I started taking her apart and cutting her up. the project isn’t done yet but I’ve added a TC brothers hardtail. Tc bros. Tail amp Model A, TC brothers forward controls I made my own blacksmith Billy clutch, for my foot, TC brothers wassel peanut tank. plus a lot of engine parts from Mikes XS. I will send more pics when the bike is done. I’m adding a couple of really unusual suprises to finish it off.

-01 2015

-02 2015


Thank you