Standard restored 650C

-1 2014

Jacksdad – I imported this bike from Ohio 3 years ago, it had been stood for exactly 20 years, I had it running within 24 hours! Since then I’ve totally restored it, new piston rings, fitted a Hughs PMA kit, electronic ignition, a High lift cam kit from Heiden Tuning, 2″ stainless – exhaust downpipes, K&N air filters, now running ike a dream!  Just about every part has been repainted, polished or replaced with stainless steel, including rebuillt wheels with the superb standard alloy rims, just beautiful! I also have a set of 1970’s white side panniers and frame, ready for some touring as soon as I get the time….  This is my “keeper”, not planning on ever parting with it.

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