-2 2014

Aaron – So i bought this bike from a fella in Austin TX. originally it was red. But the desire to customize it took over almost immediately. I haven’t gone too crazy though. I really wanted to just change the look enough to feel like it’s mine.

-1 2014

I had a lot of fun playing with changing it up. I learned a lot too.

I have replaced the gas tank, made struts myself for a new rear fender, new plate bracket, and made my own tail light bracket. Installed new handlebars for more of a chopper feel along with new switches for the bars too. It originally came with flat club bars.

I removed the forward controls for the stock mids. That was mostly for comfort as i am in all only 5′ 8″. I kept up with regular engine maintenance for as long as i owned it. She has NEVER LET ME DOWN. Still starts on the first kick..love it! I also have replaced the exhaust too. It sounds beastly 😉

It’s been a lot of fun but alas, it is time to move on. I need to sell it to make room for other projects i have.