-3 2014

I bought a 74 xs/tx from a guy in CT he said he had another bike without paperwork i could have for 200.00 that’s what I built this bike from. I wanted a bike that I didn’t have to worry about scratching or getting dirty so I built it beat up. All the wires are showing. I have had nothing but trouble stuffing wires into cans and using little battery’s. It does have a pamco  (smart money) groovy red metal flake grips and a bitch’n old bike pedal kicker. I built the exhaust from a DIY kit and wrapped it because my welds where crap and it looked awful ( isn’t that what that wrap stuff is for)  Most of the other stuff is just like everyone else’s bike. It leaks oil I don’t care its loud I really don’t care. This the third bike I have built and it is my favorite starts every time never gives me trouble.

-2 2014 -4 2014

xs650 mug
xs650 long sleeve
xs650 Bandana
xs650 tanktop