-1 2014

I acquired this bike in pristine condition this was one of those bikes a guy would see and think that’s a clean survivor I seen it and thought that would make a nice chop. I’ve built a few bikes working my skill up to build the bike I had in my head. I decided to go with a tc bros hard tail I’ve built hard tails myself but like the styling of their kits so I got to cutting. I installed the kit and knew zip wanted after market chrome wheels so I started with a 16″ 180 spoke rear and knew I had to go with a 21″ front.

-2 2014 -6 2014

I had a dirt bike wheel and tried it on for size and thought oh ya 21″ is where I need to be so I got another 180 spoke wheel and whitewall tires is what I like cuz I’m into classic cars. I went with a chrome springer and I know a lot of these bikes are built wiyh minimal chrome but I wanted mine different. I chromed the fwd controls, rear sproket , motor mounts, fender struts and axle chain tensioners. I polished up my side covers a bit but plan to chrome them.

-3 2014 -7 2014


I did a bates seat with red flake material. I painted the bike torch red and it compliments the chrome nicely. I mounted a front Springer brake on the rear. I got a wassel tank and tracker bars with an led light. The bike is a 75 tx650 which the name was later changed to xs650.

-4 2014 -5 2014

I call this bike The Curse cuz it seemed to not want to be finished I had trouble with the paint twice and I couldn’t bring myself to just finish it. I’m telling you when I did finish I kick myself for not doing it wayyy sooner the bike is a blast to ride and gets attention.

Thanks for reading and keep doing your thing xs650chopper I love this website.