In the heart of our Yamaha XS650 community, stories of restoration and passion are shared, connecting us through the threads of history and the love for two wheels. Today, we’re honored to feature a project that’s more than just a motorcycle build; it’s a son’s tribute to his father. Jorge has sent us three pictures of “Yoyins Work,” his ongoing mission to bring his late dad’s Yamaha XS650 back to life—a bike that had been left in parts for 16 years.


The first image captures the XS650 in its current state of revival. It’s a work in progress, as Jorge notes, but each component that’s cleaned, repaired, or replaced is a step toward honoring his father’s memory. The motorcycle, once disassembled and silent, is gradually finding its voice again, piece by piece.

Two of the three photos feature an unexpected yet charming observer—Jorge’s pug dog, who looks curiously at the camera, almost as if overseeing the project. The presence of the pug adds a personal touch to the restoration, a reminder that this build is woven into the fabric of Jorge’s daily life.


Jorge’s journey with the XS650 is a testament to the bonds that these machines can create and maintain, even beyond the years. It’s not just about the mechanics; it’s about preserving a piece of family history and the emotions attached to it.

The photos show the bike in its current stage, hinting at the meticulous process that restoration requires. Jorge’s commitment to reviving his dad’s bike is palpable, and the community can’t help but root for him as he works to complete a project that transcends time.


“Yoyins Work” is more than just a name; it’s a symbol of legacy and love—a project that Jorge has undertaken with reverence for the past and a vision for the future. As he breathes new life into the XS650, he not only keeps his father’s spirit alive but also ensures that this cherished motorcycle will continue to be part of his family’s story.


We eagerly await the day when Jorge can kickstart the XS650 and hear its engine run once more, a moment that will surely be filled with emotion and triumph. His dedication is an inspiration to us all, and we’re grateful to share in this poignant chapter of his restoration journey.