The Rusty Dog


Russell S. Zadlock – Started out as a motor i picked up from a guy my dad worked with, from there a buddy of mine Ryan Benson (MCW RACING) built the frame complete. Being it is a frame he built full we wanted to make it pop so I laid a deep red heavy matalic paint on it and let the rest be what it was.noid-back-xs650

The tank started out old and rusty but the fender was brand new but after a few weeks of being coverd in rock salt and calcium chlorid it looked 20 years old as well.


It hurts like hell to ride but looks cool and draws a crowd every where it goes so i’ve learned to deal with it, the only change since photos is a set of 3″ coil springs and it has made a world of difference I can now do 50 miles no problem.

I”ll try to answer any questions.
Thanks and enjoy
Russell S. Zadlock


  1. Fanoboss says:

    Takes a man to ride a hardtail, or at least a handful of opiates, LOL

  2. pratstyle says:

    Tell us about it being batteriless

  3. El Gaucho says:

    100% dropseat goodness!

  4. Nastydugout says:

    What size rear wheel?
    How did you offset the counter sprocket to accommodate such a wide wheel?
    Great bike with an original look for sure!