Stefan’s – ground up


Stefan – I build a new xs650 ground up chopper. last Winter.
Fabbed the frame & Front end. Pipes. Bars. Sissy. Controls ext.


Chopped the tank. And did the paint job. A complete build. With lots of hours in the garage. Have a Look at the Pictures I attached.




  1. Grumpy says:

    Great Work!!! Looks great Well done…………

  2. usp222 says:

    Now that’s one awesome bike!

  3. Jack Gilbert says:

    I like it, but, I bet you need earplugs with that exhaust!!!

  4. guill says:

    not particularly fond of the style, but very nicely done!!!! cheers to you!

  5. reynoldburton says:

    absulutely awesome – pure perfection! congrats you nailed it for sure!

  6. nixxs says:

    Howd you fab your pipes? Great style!

  7. Rocco says:

    Beautiful work.

  8. john bartos says:

    nice bike.

  9. rafael says:

    whats your carb setup if you don’t mind me askng

  10. Shane says: