We’re diving into a stunning build that’s sure to catch your eye and capture your imagination. Joel Mekolites has shared fantastic photos of his ’76 XS650 bobber, and it’s a beauty in candy blue. Let’s take a closer look at this masterpiece and hear the story behind it.

Joel chopped up this ’76 XS650 a couple of years ago, transforming it into a sleek and stylish bobber. One of the standout features is the Kansas Kustom 4-inch stretched hardtail, which gives the bike that classic low-slung look while adding a bit of length for a more aggressive stance. The candy blue paint job is a showstopper, making this bike a head-turner wherever it goes.

Joel didn’t stop at just the frame and paint. He polished all the aluminum parts, giving the bike a clean, shiny finish that complements the vibrant blue. Under the hood, he added a Boyer ignition for reliable starts and rebuilt the carbs to ensure it runs as good as it looks. The MAC pipes not only add to the aesthetic but also give it that deep, throaty exhaust note we all love.

Joel describes this bobber as “the best bike I ever owned” and calls it a “one kicker,” meaning it starts up with just one kick. That’s a testament to the quality and care that went into this build. It’s clear that a lot of love and effort went into making this XS650 a true work of art.

So here’s to Joel and his candy blue XS bobber—a bike that embodies the spirit of customization and the joy of riding. It’s builds like these that keep our XS650 community vibrant and full of inspiration. Thanks for sharing, Joel!