John was nice enough to send in some more pictures of his Beautiful Gnarly XS 650 Bobber Concept. I got to ask him a few questions about his XS.


What is that dome alternator cover from and what’s underneath it? —-

Just a cover i came up with — standard ignition –The VW distributor is not finished yet — but it will go on the left side — we mocked it up and it will trip evevyone out when it is done!!!


What did you have to do to connect the overhead cam oiling system? Did you just take the screws out and drill them on a drill press and then threat them?

What is the swing arm off?

Well — let us say it is not off a street bike for now — i want them to keep guessing –lol


How long have you been working on it?
— it took about 7 months — me and my son built it — at the time we were working on a bike for a moive stuido too — i didnt what do just another normal ridged — I’v done too many of those — lol


So, the pictures on the site must’ve been shot by “Tony” who saw your bike at the swapmeet?Yes . All my bikes are real street bikes — they all run and we ride them — they are not just for show — i ride rain or shine — i’m working on a panshovel right now that is so awsome — U will trip when that is done — it is one of a kind also — i don’t like doing the same old thing — like i said i do honda 400’s — KZ450’s — if U want to see those lemme kno Bro — Thanx for puting me on your great site Ted..

Thanks John AKA angrysamoan