The Phat Tracker By ST CUSTOMS


Roger – This was a build done for a customer who had picked up a couple bikes from us for his teenage boys, and after doing all the test riding on those bikes he just had to have one for himself so he commissioned The Phat Tracker. Because of some legs issues he had to have forward controls, which is something you don’t ordanarily see on a bike styled toward a tracker sort of look.


It took about a month to complete the bike, and he has been one happy camper since taking possession of the bike several months ago.

It’s a ’79 with an upgraded ignition system courtousy of Boyer Brandson Systems.

Intake is handled by a pair of Del Ortto’s. The patina on the old Harley Sprint tank was pretty cool so we left it that way and just satin cleared over it after doing a bit of pin striping and some gold leaf work.



  1. Dano says:

    The only thing that I would change is………..NOTHING!!
    Bike looks perfect ,short and chunky, great for navigating the concrete jungle

  2. tadd442 says:

    Looks like a bouncy ride.