Jon Helm – 1977 XS Chopper


Here’s some pictures of my 1977 XS Chopper. I used a TC Bros Hardtail, Hugh’s Handbuilt PMA kit, Pamco ignition, Mike’s XS carbs, Pandemonium exhaust as well as a frisco style tank, hand controls and a lot of other misc parts from MPLS Cycle Supply. The image of this bike has been in my head for a long time so it was a lot of fun to finally put it together.


The seat was really the starting point for me, I built the bike around how I wanted it to look from the seat out. I built the pan and had a local guy foam and wrap it for me and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. My buddy Mike Stodolka was given the tins from MPLS Cycle Supply and told to do whatever he wants with the paint within my slim budget.


He nailed it. I shaved the front forks since I’m not running a front brake or fender. The bars are from a friend that passed away a few years ago, he ran them on an old Super Glide chopper and after narrowing them 4 inches they fit just right.


The sissy bar is just about 5 ft tall, nice and simple otherwise. I ran the stock H style rims and besides pulling the starter, updating the ignition, carbs and running a battery-less charging system the motor is pretty stock. All in all it’s blast to ride and I’m super stoked on how it turned out.


  1. Ben says:

    I like! Sweet old school look.

  2. Aren says:

    Disagree about seat, betchya it’s comfy as! Great bike, did you happen to lower the front end at all?

  3. Jed K. says:

    Awesome XS chop. I have been following Jon’s build on his L.Y.D.F. (live young die fast) facebook awesome bike, great lines & simple perfection. About the nicest XS chop i’ve seen with a TC bros hardtail. Nice job, Jon! Twin-Cities Represent!

  4. dr ron says:

    just perfect ,the way a chopper should be lke , nice paintjob aswell ,

  5. Kev says:

    Where did you get the headlight? Looks great!

  6. Gearbanger says:

    I’m not really a XS650 hardtail fan, but you hit it perfect Jon. Lines flow nice with the seat & frame. Would look good in my garage anytime. Nice job.

  7. Brad says:

    Hey, very nicely done!!! I’m doing an ’81 XS, how loud do you find the Yo Mama pipes???

    Love the paint!

  8. Denni$ says:

    Super job, lotsa great custom features. I’m just wondering why the sissy bar is so short?? ;oD

  9. roger C says:

    wow great bike,what a trip I like every thing about the bike but the seat, but that dont matter your the one that needs to like it. At least you can have someone ride with you. Awesome tank headlite and handle bars and I bet the more I look at it the seat will grow on me.

  10. Jon says:

    I did, I lowered it an inch using the kit from Hugh’s Handbuilt.

  11. Jon says:

    That was actually the only thing I bought on eBay for this bike. It’s an old Ford driving light. I gave it to a friend and told him to paint whatever he wanted on it.

  12. Jon says:

    Loud! I’m not normally a huge fan of super loud pipes, but I love these ones. Check out Pandemonium’s YouTube page and you’ll get a good idea of what I mean.

  13. Nice build man. I definately dig the seat and sissy… good work.

  14. rafael says:

    how do you like the carbs what setup are you running if you don’t mind me asking

  15. Jon says:


    I like them quite a bit. These are the only carbs I’ve ever run that tune and stay tuned easily while running pods.

    I got them from Mike’s.