Her name is Delilah. She was my first ride ever. I picked her up for a few bucks from some old farmer who’d only used her around his property, and when she quit running in the 80s, let her rot. First things first, I got the motor running. Didn’t take a lot, and hasn’t taken much to keep her going. She only had 11000 miles ha.


I chopped her up in my single car shop and rode the piss out of her. Since then, I now am finishing my degree in welding and metals fabrication, and have totally redone her. Ive built it all but the wheels and fork, and soon to be just the wheels, being as my springer is complete and waiting for the finishing tig welds.

I love bikes and since this one, I’ve built right around 13 GARAGE BUILT bobbers and choppers. She’s also my only transportation so she sees it all, rain sleet or…yes. snow.


And I love every f***in minute of it. First time I’ve sent any of my work in, so im excited to see what kind of feedback i’ll get from you wise chopper guys… lay it the f**K on me CUZ I didn’t build it for you!

ha oh, and shes seen a few different styles in the year that shes been robbin the streets of their innocence, but the dark and rusty is how shell stay.

Seth Tangen