81 Xs650…..StreetSweeper!!!!


Naters – Hey fellas, Wanted to share a couple pictures of my XS I built with the help of a few friends in Portland Oregon! I Bought the bike from a guy off craigslist for 800 bucks!…The bike had a burnt valve but would still start up and run, guess it was a tough sumbitch! With the help of Don Paulson we installed a Hardtail and from there I had something to work with! I went ahead and rebuilt the top end, added a set of Gordon Scott curved drags, new set of Mikunis and a coat of paint!


At first I was trying to get by on the cheap so I bought the Sportster tank for forty bucks, the battery box is a ballast from an old grow light, (not mine of course), and the fender stays was from a ground score from the Oregon Country Fair! The seat was made by a high school friend who did a killer job at his first attempt on making a leather seat! The bike turned out just the way I had envisioned it and wouldnt of been possible without the help of a few friends, many long hours and many beers!!!


  1. jdubbb says:

    Those pipes are nasty, what kind of tank do you have on there?

  2. Uncle Bear says:


  3. Hey bro I,d Love to ride it, What type of hard tail is that, I like the swoop down afect. You really nailed a great look and it all fits together ( including the battery box my favorite ) down to the killer paint and white side wall tire. Where did you get the tire?

  4. David says:

    One of my favorites for sure!… Never would have thought the brown shades of the paint would look so good with the black rims & whitewalls, but it looks incredible. I’ve always loved black rims & whitewalls period.

    Please, please, please, please, post a video or two!!!! videos really bring the bikes to life for the viewer!!!!!

  5. Rob says:

    Looks awesome mate, can’t say I’d change anything. Think you nailed it perfectly!

  6. El Gaucho says:

    always a fan of rootbeer metallic!