78 XS650 Sand Dragster Bobber


Noel Smith – I’m a photographer at the Dirt 300 and wanted to Race and thought anyone can go out and get a dirt bike to race But I wanted something different so I bought a crashed 78 XS650 Bobbed it (2″ longer than stock)got a peanut tank, a kawi kick stand that was 4″to long cut it down ,purchased the foot peg brackets and brake ass. from a hurricane used the rear buddy pegs.


For the front I wanted dual disk the master cylinder was from a virago 750 added a Boyer ignition. Started with 9″ drag bars the bike was to heavy to steer so I went with Can am flat track Bars. Paddles are custom made by Skat Trak I have a 10 11 and 12 viper paddles tires, I get most of my parts from a local motorcycle salvage Carl of southwest cycles deals in the older bikes, The motor is bone stock changed the gearing 43t rear 15t frt does very well has won the Texas Road house run for the money Twice


  1. Noble says:

    Nice job I like the look with the paddle tire and green accents

  2. Rick Nelson says:

    You forgot to mention the 300′ times?? et and mph

  3. fanoboss says:

    I’ve already saw this bike/story and have come back to it 3 more times. The bike’s overall look is interesting but I’m definitely enthralled by the story. I hope it reigns undefeated for many more years to come. XS650 KICKS MO’AZZ

  4. El Gaucho says:

    Badassed! Looks like a real kidney basher, but I’d like to take it out for a few runs down the 300′ just to experience that.