Hayden’s XS 650


Jason Hayden – I picked this 1979 XS650 up a couple of years ago coming back from a beach vacation.  Decided to take the back roads home and saw it in a front yard with a for sale sign. I don’t Think I’ve of could gotten any luckier. Now I’m working on another one and decided to give this one to my lil man so he can ride it to school. What could be cooler then riding this sweet azz bike to high school?


  1. El Gaucho says:

    Rad dad! I would have loved to have my pop build me something cool like that, lol. I had to settle for building model cars, but that was better than nothing! Got me started anyway.

  2. William A. says:

    Nice bike. However, more photos would have been nice.

    You’re a cool dad….Your son is a lucky kid.

  3. fanoboss says:


  4. randy thomas says:

    hey hey, this used to be my bike. I painted it and had it looking pretty much like it does now but couldn’t get the carbs right as my mechanic buddy was killed in an accident. While still grieving his loss, i practically gave it away. I hope you guys enjoy it for years.

  5. randy thomas says:

    hey hey hey, this is my old 79! It was my 2nd XS and first paint job but I couldn’t get the carbs dialed in and about the same time, my best friend and motorcycle mechanic was killed in an auto accident on Christmas day 2009. A few months later, while still grieving, I practically gave it away for 1300 bucks looking just like it does now. hopefully they changed to foot clutch and suicide shift before Hayden took off for school, or maybe he is a little more coordinated than I was. I hope you guys can enjoy this bike for many years! I hope this only post one time as I wrote basically the same thing a couple hours ago but may have forgotten to hit enter, haha