Riding a 04 HD Deuce to building my own XS650

My buddy Mark got me involved in XS650’s about 3 years ago when I saw the bike he built sitting in his kitchen on the way downstairs to get a brew, I wanted to know everything about it and how he built it, well after that night and a hangover later I went from riding a 04 HD Deuce to building my own XS650.


I started with a G&L hardtail, shaved and lowered the front forks, 180 rear with a Gary Po offset kit, stock front hub laced to a 21” with stainless Buchanan spokes, Pamco Ign, and all my electrics hidden in my old gas can that I found at an antique store.


Everything that was in my head was put In this build and I couldn’t be any happier with the turnout, I honestly can say that I have more fun riding the XS than I ever did my Deuce, I’m not slamming Harleys but this bike is a blast and I didn’t have to get a loan out to build it.


I want to thank Mark Walker and Rob Ross for your guys help and motivation to get this project finished in 12 weeks in that cold ass winter for Daytona 2010. I know I’ve forgotten a lot so feel free to ask any questions or comment but be gentle it’s my first time and not my last.


I can’t wait to start another, I’m going Brat style next I think,  well shit I like em all.


Tracy Smith

xs650 Bandana
xs650 mug
xs650 long sleeve
xs650 tanktop