The Goldfish


“The Goldfish” Yamaha XS650 built by the DoZer out of the Ukrainian.

My name is Dozer, my workshop is in Kiev, Ukraine. I have long dreamed of a motorcycle with an XS650 engine. This engine, wheels, and some parts, I bought in America. The Frame, handlebars, “oil tank”, were all  produced in my workshop, The gas tank is from a  java, and the front fork is a IZ planeta sport. Head lamp TT&CO. The front end was taken from another eastern motorcycle – the Russian IZ Planeta Sport. 


  • Engine :  XS 650
  • Exhaust : DoZer garage
  • Starter: kick, Dozer garage
  • Frame :  DoZer garage,  hardtail
  • Gas tank : JAWA 350
  • Front end : IZ Planeta Sport
  • Headlight : TT&CO
  • Handlebar : DoZer garage
  • Grips : V-Tvin Mirror : V-Tvin
  • Kickstand : Victory vision
  • Seat : “NOMAD”custom leather
  • Fender : V-Tvin
  • Tail light : SMZ
  • Wheels :  R18
  • Tire: Avon
  • Painting : DoZer garage



I built and painted this bike all alone. I built this bike for 6 months. Not including delivery of necessary parts. This bike is runs well, but it’s very hard, because in Ukraine the roads are bad. But this year, I have changed the rear hub, the star and set the disc brake. The Sprocket was very large, and the brake is not working. Do not make the same mistake 🙂


I did not rebuilt the engine, only disassembled to replace the piston rings, seals and gaskets. Polished side covers and installed electronic ignition. More information for the article, you can get watching a video  about the creation of XS650 “Goldfish” I want to thank Chemical Candy Customs (Chemitsal Сandy ) for the idea of painting 🙂


Best regards


  1. reynoldburton says:

    Hell yes!

    This is some mighty fine motorcycle – everythings just perfect! And Dozer, I could fall in love with you too 😉

    I can barely see a motorcycle on pic 2

    Please dont burn yourself by welding with so less clothes!

  2. fishtaco1969 says:

    Great job!!! Love the stance and paint, really nice

  3. dex82 says:

    nice compact lines; and the bike too. like the dual headlights, and the one on the bike too. seat looks comfy, and the one on the bike does too……………, i could do this all day. whew

  4. Vincestagechopper says:

    Congratulation Tovaritch ….Nice fine forks ,i’m keen on the handelbar ,the frame looks very “strong” … Sorry for m’y crappy english but is better than my russian.
    Congratulation again .

  5. El Gaucho says:

    WOW! best bike on here in a while! I can’t find a single thing I would change about it. It’s just plain RIGHT!

  6. reynoldburton says:

    Very nice – what else could I say? The bike too 😉

    But please don´t burn yourself welding with so little clothes on – safety first!

  7. reynoldburton says:

    ^^^^^^ 2 Minutes ago there were no comments @ all. Now it looks like I´m retarded by writing the same statement as yesterday 🙂

    So – then I must not longer try to hide it.

    Very nice – the bike too.

  8. xs blue says:

    yo dude, love your bike an your english, wat jawa is the tank off?

  9. tadd442 says:


  10. Mask says:

    Поздравляю! Очень тонко. сам строю не спеша бобра братстайл. Буду в Киеве – напрошусь в гости. )

  11. El Gaucho says:

    Nailed it! Love the paint, and all the little details like the funky exhaust run under and behind the chain, the kicker, just everything. wow.

  12. Boon says:

    sitting pretty looks happy, balanced,looks right from all angles.You really shouldn`t weld in those shoe`s.

  13. Jeff says:

    OUTSTANDING! The stance is perfect. Nice and compact. The tank works perfectly. Paint is outstanding. …. I’m not even going to talk about the girl except to say, congratulations.

  14. Sears says:

    Dozer,bad ass scooter! You really should be careful wielding with your front end off and frame exposed.I think if you ajust your stance and lower your left arm a bit it would reveal the crack you are hoping to fill on the front end.If you ever make it to the states I would love to take a closer look at your work. From the pictures, it appears to be if fine shape! If you need help packing your bearings or shaving your forks, please let me know.Over all everything looks really hot. Thanks GOD !! P.S. Don’t forget to use a good quality lube so critical joints don’t freeze up.

  15. RJ from the ole school says:

    really nice ride,,,,like the matching helmet,,,lots of chrome and polished parts,,,,the bend in the handlebars is different,,,white seat, grips and pegs go good with that paint,,, , ,,,nice hottie for the model,,,welding close to gas tank????could smoke her bumpers,,,cool people in the Ukraine ,,,,keep building

  16. fanoboss says:

    HOLY G-bus, DOZER has a sweet Ass…

  17. fanoboss says:


  18. turdherder says:

    No getting around it, it’s sweet looking! The square backbone is something different. the exhaust is a nice looking touch too but it seems like the left cylinder would generate quite a bit more backpressure with all those bends. Still, it’s hats off to you on a nice looking build.

  19. turdherder says:

    PS; Ted you gotta post stuff more frequently, your killing me! You’re site has got me hooked and I am always hoping to see new post. Still thanks for the great site!


  20. Al says:

    With all the challenges you faced, being in Ukraine, excellent work !

  21. crackerjack611 says:


  22. r-t-choppers says:


    That is a good bike to look at, GOOD JOB….
    Like the lines of this machine and the paintjob is great…
    Is this your girlfriend?….. be proud of her…..

    Grrtzzz Rik from Holland…

  23. Fatbob says:

    Dneprs in the US, Yams in the Ukraine, hot women everywhere, It’s all good! Especially the bike and the welder!

  24. mcw racing says:

    BEAUTIFUL BIKE!!!! love the look and the clean styling!!

  25. ov says:

    He’s ukranian not russian

  26. Gus "Fuzz" Nutley says:

    That’s actually a pretty good way of setting up a stock-ish bike. Very nice work!

  27. H3llb3nt1 says:

    Great looking bike. Love what you did with the tank. Great job man

  28. Dozer says:

    I thank everyone for the nice comments! :))

  29. CruzBoos says:

    Yo Dozer… no bull intended, but necessity is the mother of invention. To build something this
    eye-catching in a place that is so full of shades of grey… is not easy. Shipping is a bitch, but you’ve pulled it off.
    I hope that you give her just as much heat as Nikita is giving the Goldfish.
    Keep your hammer ringing and warm.

  30. Hello! Do you use Twitter? I’d like to follow you if that would be ok. I’m absolutely enjoying your blog and look forward to new posts.

  31. El Gaucho says:

    word, I keep checking back even though I KNOW it’s the same stuff. I salivate when I get the XS650Chopper emails with the new post titles!

  32. Pickles says:

    God, I love this bike!

  33. El Gaucho says:

    What size wheels are you running?

  34. австрия says:

    Дозер крутой!!!

  35. fanoboss says:


  36. lynn says:

    Fantastic looking bike.