“The Goldfish” Yamaha XS650 built by the DoZer out of the Ukrainian.

My name is Dozer, my workshop is in Kiev, Ukraine. I have long dreamed of a motorcycle with an XS650 engine. This engine, wheels, and some parts, I bought in America. The Frame, handlebars, “oil tank”, were all  produced in my workshop, The gas tank is from a  java, and the front fork is a IZ planeta sport. Head lamp TT&CO. The front end was taken from another eastern motorcycle – the Russian IZ Planeta Sport. 


  • Engine :  XS 650
  • Exhaust : DoZer garage
  • Starter: kick, Dozer garage
  • Frame :  DoZer garage,  hardtail
  • Gas tank : JAWA 350
  • Front end : IZ Planeta Sport
  • Headlight : TT&CO
  • Handlebar : DoZer garage
  • Grips : V-Tvin Mirror : V-Tvin
  • Kickstand : Victory vision
  • Seat : “NOMAD”custom leather
  • Fender : V-Tvin
  • Tail light : SMZ
  • Wheels :  R18
  • Tire: Avon
  • Painting : DoZer garage



I built and painted this bike all alone. I built this bike for 6 months. Not including delivery of necessary parts. This bike is runs well, but it’s very hard, because in Ukraine the roads are bad. But this year, I have changed the rear hub, the star and set the disc brake. The Sprocket was very large, and the brake is not working. Do not make the same mistake 🙂


I did not rebuilt the engine, only disassembled to replace the piston rings, seals and gaskets. Polished side covers and installed electronic ignition. More information for the article, you can get watching a video  about the creation of XS650 “Goldfish” I want to thank Chemical Candy Customs (Chemitsal Сandy ) for the idea of painting 🙂


Best regards

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xs650 tanktop
xs650 Bandana
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