Covered in dust for 10 years

This bike has been in my family for over 20 years. My old man got it stock and rode it in the mid nineties then stuck it in a shed when it needed a ring job because he had another bike. When i was 17 we pulled it out after being covered in dust for 10 years and did a rebuild on the motor. That summer i rode it 500 miles threw the Smokies and into North Carolina.


A few years ago i decided to do a little makeover, TCB hardtail bored 1 step over, 32″ Springer, supper narrow drag bars, little of this, little of that. and now here it is. This XS 1980 rides a lot better than I expected it would, this was my first hardtail build and first raked bike with a springer. Its a lot of fun, not much for U turns, but for blastin around town/down the highway its great. Im pretty hard on my bikes and this has held up great so far. The only problem i have had is broken headlight mounts and tank mounts. mostly from lots of low wheelies and skids and the occasional curb jump haha.


Took me about 6.5 months and a little over 120 hours to finish. I built most of it in my basement then disassembled to carry back up the stairs to the backyard to finish haha… Lots of late nights.


Nick B.

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