I have about 3 years of spare time tinkering to get this bike together. Big, late model brakes with true old school glass helped me get this as close as I could remember to a bike I saw when I was younger. Hope you enjoy the pics.

The concept was to blend old with new hence the crossover Yamaha racing paint scheme with the ton up stripe. I wanted the bike to handle and run as good as it could on tube tires and it does. I wanted to be able to look through the bike and see nothing but hard parts (no wiring, bolts or unsightly junk) 3 years of part time work. You judge the finished product.

  • Box section swing arm
  • Needle bearings
  • Shaved, gusseted Powder coated frame with a 65% gloss finish (3mm)
  • Tomaselli clip-on’s
  • Polished lightened hubs
  • Rear hub drilled
  • Front wheel is an 18 inch to quicken steering and allow for slightly wider tires (standard racing trick)
  • Polished shoulder rims with double butted spokes and new nipples
  • New aluminum rear sprocket
  • Oversize brake rotors and calipers with ss lines
  • FZ6 forks with fresh seals and oil (air forks)
  • New rear shocks
  • Fairing and tail was NOS and never mounted
  • Oil cooler with SS lines
  • Custom rear sets
  • Custom built 1 ¾ Shell pipes with tuned port optimizers and exhaust port optimizers
  • Aluminum front fender with aluminum braces
  • Engine was upgraded with;
  • 1 piece clutch pushrod and new seal
  • HD clutch springs
  • New style sump strainer
  • High Performance coil, wires and caps
  • Carbs rebuilt with spot on jetting and custom needles (starts first kick and idles perfectly)
  • Pod filters
  • Starter block off plate
  • New clutch cable, tach cable and throttle cable
  • Brand new tires and tubes

Fairing can be removed in seconds with ¼ turn fasteners and bike can be converted to un faired style with no unsightly brackets to detract from the looks of the bike.


Fiberglass tanks are prone to leaking so I skinned this one and installed a super sturdy 2 gallon steel tank under the skin along with the battery.

  • All of the body work can be removed in 2-3 minutes with a single Allen key
  • Forks are 36 mm from a 87 FZR 600
  • Rear Swing arm 1988 Radian
  • Front rotor 87 FZR1000
  • Front caliper 98 Suzuki Bandit 600
  • Oil cooler from Ninja 600 r
  • New battery with charging plug for Deltran style charger
  • Just tuned with fresh oil and filters engine had 6000 miles when removed from donor bike
  • Fresh paint Corvette velocity yellow
  • Spare parts (engine and head(s) cams, TCI box, etc

Built by Frank Derris