Hippie Big Bang Theory


Vehvis – This build started as I had a little extra time during summer (no I didn´t, that was a lie). I figured I´d finally build that big bang motor I had been planning for years. I had this chopper XS which some of you might remember the hippie-xs-from-finland and I was just gonna throw the big banger into that and call it done. Of course we all know it´s not that simple. It never is. I had almost completed the motor years ago, having put lots of good parts in it, and now it was just modifying the camshaft and putting it all together. Well, modifying a camshaft can be a real pain in the butt! Breaking the shaft in halves wasn´t that hard, but welding it back together isn´t quite as simple as it sounds. Having tried different approaches with tig welding, always ending up with bending and broken welds, I asked my friend Juice to weld it with a stick. A good pre- and after heating was needed, but the shaft proofed to be ok for welding. Only very minor bending occurred, and after balancing it was ready to be installed. I assembled the engine without any issues, and was ready to roll.


I now had this monster 650, which I was told to be impossible to kickstart. I weight 67kg (less than 150 pounds) and I must admit it takes a full effort to get the engine started! And yes, It definitely has some extra power compared to a stock motor, this one really pulls from idle to the red line!!
So after putting the engine to my chopper frame and taking it for some test rides, it was clear to me this wasn´t a chopper engine. It wants to be ridden hard and fast, and that’s not my idea of how to ride a long chop with limited brakes (a brake actually…).

Since the gas tank of the chopper had started to leak a bit earlier and I had fell down causing some little dents, I decided it wasn´t much of a shame to go on and re-build the whole bike. At this point, I really had limited time to spend on this one. I had planned two other major chopper projects for the winter, so I just did a quick job on this one. Well as quick as possible, considering it included frame modifications, new front end, new wheels, tank, seat and pretty much everything else. As you can see, all that’s left from the hippie bike is the rear part of the frame and footpegs.

After engine was completed, the rest of the build took only about two months. I was aiming for a vintage street racer look, leaving original wassel tank and rear fender painted as they were, and making everything function-over-form. Even though this one was a really quick build, it wasn´t as stressful as these projects usually are. Maybe I should consider doing this more often, after all I think this is supposed to be fun!!!



  1. tadd42 says:

    I dig it!
    I dug the original as well….too bad you couldn’t have both!

  2. tadd442 says:

    I dig it!
    I dug the original as well….too bad you couldn’t have both!

  3. Boon says:

    sits an looks happy,cool frame whole bike looks right hope mine turns out as good.

  4. dex82 says:

    nice. very nice. very good lines. gotta love the tank

  5. ed says:

    the narrow front tire looks good

  6. Julian Canon says:

    This is only the 4d time I have been moved to make a comment. The other three were related to bikes far more elaborated than yours…. But, for me, yours fits right on the center spot of my taste. I’m not into choppers, neither all the way into cafes. Your bike looks like something I’d love to ride carelessly everyday …. Something I’d change ?( Not that it is needed )…I’d ask Larry Kitchens about some pipes and a couple of metal scraps to put on a couple of places…
    You definitely in Dude… Congrats !!

  7. El Gaucho says:

    The original was ok, this is just plain awesome! still not a fan of the headlight, but it’s growing on me. The motor, and the lines of the bike are great. It flows so much better now. And the drum brakes……yum.

  8. ken says:

    So whats the deal with the cam?? Why re work it. I have enjoyed looking at the details of the frame neck mods and like the trials tires as well,looks like fun..Enjoy,Ken

  9. BluesGrinder says:

    Nice, The neck streached out there gives it a different look thats good
    , I love the stripped down, raw simple colar. If you scracth it ,like so what. Great front wheel. Whats it ride like?

  10. vehvis says:

    It´s a shame you always have to lose some to gain some, but at the moment I´m finishing a long chopper (not a xs, so won´t be showing it here) so I get to ride hippie also 🙂
    And since I don´t have limitless amounts of money to spend and there is a next project waiting, this will be for sale soon…

  11. vehvis says:

    Thanks! This indeed is the one that is going to be ridden daily and carelessly, that´s what it´s made for 🙂

  12. vehvis says:

    Hi. The deal with the cam is to get it open and close valves on both cylinders simultaneously, instead of 360 degrees gap between sides. This gives you a lot more low end torque, which is something you can enjoy in everyday riding (and also racing…)
    This mod was originally used by some flat trackers, but newer gained popularity in street use, because this kind of engines are harder to kick start and have a tendency to vibrate a lot. Still totally usable and veeeeery much fun!

  13. vehvis says:

    Thanks for all the kind comments guys! Some of you like the wheels, they are CB350 hubs, rear laced to 18″ and front 21″. Good looking and good enough braking. Tires are Michelin Trial Competition, planning on riding smaller roads next summer 😉

  14. Pickles says:

    I love this bike! Kick it over, and ride it like you stole it! Very cool!

  15. Rusty Nutz says:


    Where have I heard that name before?


  16. GUY says:


  17. CruzBoos says:

    I remember the hipster floating in flowers. What happened? A babe slipped off your saddle or what … ?!
    Besides the point… I love this one. I could go down any road that is ahead of me and plough into it with abandon, especially in the rain and go mud wrestling with her.

  18. migs650 says:

    hey vehvis, when this project goes up for sale. id like a shot at it. Ive been looking for a XS and this one is great …. good build.

  19. Vagabundo says:

    I was curious if you are willing to sell it? Me & my friends (from Finland) been talking about this bike. If my memory serves me well it was on nettimopo? If there still is a plan to sell it can you put it back up and me or my friend will contact you.

  20. vehvis says:

    Thanks for the kind comments guys! Actually I traded this bike to a friend not long after finishing it, and he tore it apart and is building it again. The frame and big bang engine (with ok papers) are for sale though, you can contact the new owner Misa (I think Vagabundo might know him?).

  21. Vagabundo says:

    Thanks for quick reply buddy! Frame and engine is just what we need! Misa… I know the face, not the dude. I will try to get hold of him. If you have any tips where to look just let me know. But I do think we have some friends in common.