TC Bros. “Holey Roller”


Here is the latest xs650 by the TC Bros. The bike’s name is “Holey Roller” for obvious reasons. There are a shit-ton of speed holes drilled throughout the bike including a couple of large holes through the side of the gas tank. Check it out..

Q – How long did it take to build?

Tim – Build time: 2 Months (in our free time)


Q – Is the engine rebuilt? 

Tim – The motor was a good runner already (only had 5,000 miles on it) but we stripped it down, honed the cylinders, put new rings, gaskets, and seals in it. We repainted the motor and put stainless steel hardware on it, along with polishing the side cases in house too (we cut down and drilled the case on the chain side to improve the looks). The bike is kick start only (electric starter removed to save weight). We used the XSCHARGE PMA Kit and it worked great as always.


Q – You said you are using the XSCHARGE PMA Kit with capacitor to eliminate the battery (kick start only) – What size capacitor are you using and were you able to fit all the electronics in the small electrical tube?

Tim –  The capacitor is a 50,000uf which works great with Pamco or points ignitions. With the permanent magnet alternator there are no wearing parts, so you will have a maintenance free charging system. One downfall to the early model XS650’s is that you have a separate rectifier and regulator on your bike, the regulator operates on an old “points” style system. Eventually the regulators will fail because of wear in the moving parts and old age. The permanent magnet alternator comes with a new solid state combined rectifier/ regulator (no moving parts to fail) that looks much cleaner. We also relocated the ignition coil to clean up the neck area of the frame. We mounted it in between the air filters so that it is hidden. All the wiring, fuses, and capacitor are hidden in our “electronics tank” (also available on our website) TC Bros. Choppers Custom Chopper/Bobber Electronics Tank that looks like a round oil tank. The electronics tank is 4.5″ diameter and has removable caps (8″ long with both end caps installed) for hiding all of your wiring and ignition components while still having access to them.. We mounted the regulator/rectifier on the bottom of the tank for heat dissipation. The toggle switch on the side is for the hi/low beam on the headlight (we wanted to have no switches on the handlebars). We also used our new weld on kickstand to give it a finishing touch. Kickstands are often overlooked but stock kickstands are usually the ugliest part on a bike!


Q – Did you build it all yourself or with your brother? Who gets to keep the bike? or will you be selling it..

Tim – Me and Tyler (TC Bros.) built it together, so this one is another shop bike that we will be forced to share haha.


Bike Details:

  • Platform: 1980 Yamaha XS650
  • Frame: Stock front half and TC Bros. Weld on Hardtail rear. Powdercoated In House by TC Bros.
  • Front End: Stock XS650 forks with unwanted tabs shaved off
  • Wheels: Stock Yamaha mag wheels, drilled out and powdercoated gloss black by TC Bros.
  • Tank: Cleveland Cyclewerks Frisco Mount Sportster Tank Modified with “holes” by TC Bros.
  • Fender: Custom 7 Metal West Handmade 5″ Wide Fender
  • Seat: Custom Alligator Embossed Leather Covered By MisfitSkinny Kustoms. TC Bros. Air Ride Solo Seat Kit Installed
  • Bars: TC Bros. Lanesplitter Handlebars
  • Electrical: XSCHARGE PMA Kit with capacitor to eliminate the battery (kick start only). Pamco Electronic Ignition.
  • Lighting: TC Bros. 33 Ford Side Mount Tail Light Bracket and Triangle Headlight.
  • Exhaust: Custom made up-swept drag pipes by TC Bros.
  • Brakes: Stock Calipers and CNC Drilled Rotors by TC Bros.
  • Controls: Custom Drilled forward controls by TC Bros.
  • Paint: Lee Hoffman
  • Photos: KB Photography




  1. Qball says:

    Holey cow Batman! totally awesome!

  2. William A. says:

    Nice job!..You guys really know your stuff! I will use some of your ideas on my own bike.

  3. rick robles says:

    Good job

  4. El Gaucho says:

    There’s a build on TCU right now that is an XS650 that has the hole theme going, but he did not do holes through the tank like that although I think he should. Cool to see it done somewhere!

  5. R J from the ole school says:

    great bike to use as TV ad for electric drills or Swiss cheeze,,,,what did you do with all the holes you drilled out,,,,hey,,,I know what you’re up to,,,I can see right through it,,,,nice bike,,,and much lighter than when you started

  6. fanoboss says:

    How does that new air seat ride ? I dig it

  7. H3llb3nt1 says:

    I’ve visited their shop recently and this bike looks bad ass up close. You can see the attention to detail and craftsmanship that went into this build. Not to mention these guys are great to do business with. Top notch build by a top notch shop. Ryan

  8. Vic says:

    Great bike build. You guys sure have it down. Awesome use of the products you sell to show how they can be modified to make each build unique. Thanks for the inspiration.

  9. GUY says:


  10. Indydpg says:

    What tires are those?

  11. Andrew says:

    Yeah I would also like to know what tires you used..

  12. CruzBoos says:

    Ok… I’ve had to wrap my mind around this babe for awhile to get a response and what comes to mind is …. GANG BANGER.
    No matter how many people show up, she could handle every one, please them and not just axillary. She has just so many places to hold onto and work.

    Kidding aside, would love to feel your green eyed bitch tremble.

  13. Tre13 says:

    What tires did you use on the bike?