The rising by JTbrothers


The text is written by the photographer – Silke Baens: The story of the Yamaha XS begins with the Triumph (more on that later). Joris saw an unfinished project for sale on internet. The owner also had a Yamaha XS for sale. The brothers never intended to use a Yamaha XS as the base for a motorcycle build because of the bike’s immense popularity. The deal was just too good to pass up, and they decided that they could use some practice before building the Triumph. They struck a sweet deal and two ugly bikes ended up in the JTbrothers shop.


For this photoshoot, JTbrothers chose an abandoned coalmine building and brought along photographer Silke Baens.

Joris says: “The first plan was to go for bradstyle. But you see a lot off bikes in this style so I had another vision in my head.”

Johan fills in: “He came with a colored sketch and said this is how it needs to look, the rest we’ll see on the way… We agreed and this time we stuck to the plan.”


JTbrothers made nearly every part you see themselves. What they didn’t make, they adjusted to suit their mood and needs. Their creations and modifications were “the old school way with pretty basic materials in our garage. Low budget is the way we want it.” These guys are selling themselves short. Yes, they used basic materials. Yes, they kept it low budget. But these two custom builds are in no way cheap. I’m really digging them.

“The list of self-made parts and details is endless. The frame, the front end, the brake / clutch levers, the handlebar… The seat is made out of an old bicycle seat. The gastank is from an old moped with some hidden mounts attached. The brake and shift pedal are really simple and clean like the entire bike. The meathooks with speedholes and the front end are worth mentioning.”

“An old brass candlestick found in the trashcan was recycled and rebuild on the lathe to a tail light. Footpegs are made out of brass just like the breather valve. The gas cap is made out of steel after Joris found a brass piece on the ground at a fleamarket. So every part has its story and we can keep going on…”


“The paintjob was done by our friend, Olli. It’s pretty daring and a combination of metal flake, candy and normal white. The idea for the rising sun on the tank is simple, it’s a Japanese engine and so it became the name of the bike.”



  1. GUY says:


  2. Rats ass says:

    I’m not one Easily impressed. Finally someone who gets it! Love the tail you built and appreciate all the custom parts you built KILLER! From paint to tires love it! And good choice to build the Xs instead of the trophy . I have 4 xs’s and one 68 650 triumph they are cool but don’t hold a candle to the xs as far as reliability to the Xs….. Cheers!!!!

  3. blackwidow says:

    That thing is awesome

  4. Grumpy says:

    Very Old Skool…………. Great Job…………

  5. h3llb3nt1 says:

    Great job on the tail. Very cool

  6. RJ from the ole school says:

    White and light,,,with 100 rounds of ammo,,,,,awesome look,,,,, but stay out of the mud

  7. mookie says:

    “The first plan was to go for bradstyle.???

  8. PlugHead says:

    This thing looks nimble as hell, and fun to ride. Sick build congrats.

  9. El Gaucho says:

    Great bike BUT…..They weren’t going to do an XS because of it’s popularity, but they were gonna build a Triumph? Whaaaaaaaaaaat? OK, good thing they built a bad ass bike or I’d be running all over that! Love the fork covers, tail light, Shinko rear and Speedmaster front with the drums. Very tasty.

    Actually, I was originally drawn to the XS650 as a result of Triumphs as well. My dad had a Triumph when I was growing up and I learned that they were very cool, but very money hungry in the maintainance dept. That, coupled with the initial buy in to get a decent one, drove me to find an alternative. Yamaha hit the nail on the head. All the charm and bad assed-nes, without the headache of Amal carbs and Lucas electronics.

  10. Geezerman says:

    I love that paint job !!!!

  11. luuk says:

    ik weet dat ik gewoon nederlands kan lullen tegen jullie 🙂
    ik heb dit ding nu al een paar keer gezien bigtwin show sideshow fototje hier fototje daar
    maar ik moet zeggen steeds als ik hem zien ben ik benieuwd naar die triumph
    als je ooit dee xs wil verkopen mail mij dan even 😉


  12. El Gaucho says:

    That’s all good, just bustin’ yer balls a bit! I wonder what shipping would be to ship a Harley to Belgium. I got a custom evo chopper that I’m having a hard time selling (it is winter but, come on). Maybe if I expand the marketplace……

  13. CruzBoos says:

    I’ve been watching this babe from out of the corner of my eye ever since she glided into the room and watched from afar. She dazzled in her mini dress. Legs so long and showing some slip. A voice that could amaze you with no gag reflex. What really hooked me are her nipples. OOOH! Wish I could get close ups of those hooks since she doesn’t need a cold room to show what she’s got.

  14. Lance Boyle says:

    Now here’s a bike done with a lot of love and skill.

  15. Lance Boyle says:

    Silke Baens = cool beans.