Another TC bros tail and sporty tank COMPLETE!


Jason – Final a update on this bike. I finished the build about 6 weeks ago. Total build time was just under 1 year and cost me around $2,300 with a good portion of that going to the wheels. The wheel setup is 2 stock 16″ rims laced to the stock hubs. I had all the parts powdercoated and wrapped them in shinko tires(anyone else have a hard time getting these tires white?).  The motor is stock and I had the carbs rebuilt. The frame is obviously a TC bros hardtail. I built the fake oil tank using diesel exhaust tubing and end caps. The battery box and exhaust were built by a friend. All the paint is rattle can done by me in the garage.

The frame was painted using roll cage paint which ended up spraying really easy and has been pretty durable. The tins and handlebars were painted with automotive color match paint from pep boys. Color sand and buff go a long way with rattle cans!


Everyone who has seen the bike thinks it was professionaly painted. I bought the wiring harness from TC bros and wired it myself hiding as much as possible in the frame. Huge kudos to TC bros for that kit. It makes wiring super easy.

I took a lot of inspiration from this site. Staring at everyones pictures gave me a lot of ideas. I’ll answer any questions you guys have.



  1. cruzboos says:

    Looking pretty good. Tank has the shine. May I suggest polishing the engine covers and maybe some pinstripes on the tins. Love the tyres.

  2. JohnnyWad says:

    Nice ride. Is the front end a stock XS650? What size is the front shinko tire? Any clearance issue?

  3. fanoboss says:

    Love it, Love it, Love it. TC Bros rock and so does the Sporty tank !!! I’d like to see a polished motor but NOT pinstripes, then it would be overkill, IMHO.

  4. fanoboss says:

    btw, the bars are a great look, what kind are they ?

  5. Jason says:

    Thanks for the comments guys. I’m pretty excited with the way this bike turned out. It’s almost exactly what I had in my head. Not bad for a guy with zero experience… faking it the whole way.

    I like pinstripes… but I really kind of like the basic look of this bike. If I add anything to it… it will probably be some storm troopers on the sides of the tank. I’ve gone back and forth several times with the idea of polishing the motor, but for now I kind of like the dull look. That may change in the future. The front forks are stock xs650 with all the obsolete tabs chopped off. There is no clearance issue with the tire. It is a super tight fit but it has never rubbed. The front caliper is more of the issue than the tire clearance. It took some creative thinking to get this thing assembled. The shinko tires are mt-90 front and rear. I think that is the only size they make in the old school style. The bars were just some super cheapies off ebay. There is a link in my old post. I did straighten them out quit a bit and paint them white. There was way too much pullback on them when I got them.

    Now I just need a motorcycle license.. LOL

  6. Jason says:

    Oh yeah…. forgot to mention something else I did to this bike that I thought was an awesome idea. I wired LEDs under the frame that are hooked to the brake switch. The side mount brakelight doesn’t put off much light which made me a little nervous. With the LED’s underneath the whole ground lights up underneath me when I hit the brakes. Anything to avoid being run over by the terrible drivers here in Vegas.

  7. Sherwin Haas says:

    Very nice looking bike. I like the idea of the LED’s tied in with the brake light. A polished and/or painted engine would really look sweet, but the basic look is good too.

    Did you lower the forks at all?

    Also, I’m a fan of TC Brothers, they do good work and are great to deal with.

  8. Nick says:

    Great build man I love the paint. I was wondering what tc bros wiring harness you bought. I am starting a build this week and I have been trying to figure out what to do with my 79’s points ignition.

  9. Jason says:

    Didn’t lower the forks at all.. The different tire does make it look a little lower.

    This wiring kit was the 6 pin 80-84. My brother has the kit for older bikes and it is probably even a little more simple. The instructions in that come with the kit aren’t great but it is color coded so its pretty easy to figure out.

  10. fanoboss says:

    That’s a great idea running led’s w/brake light. Safer is betterer.

  11. iocwa says:

    Nice Job Buddy….

    I’ve just done the same thing with the LED’s on my monoshock 6fid but I’ve wired them under the seat. Makes the whole back of the bike glow red at night.

    I fitted one of those A Model tailight on the back of my sons 6fidy and it was hardly visable in the day. I changed out the std bulbs to a better quality and bingo…. you could see them way better.

    Love the tires
    Well done…

  12. brian kent says:

    top class build,im very impressed mate well done to you

  13. Barney says:

    maybe post a photo with the LEDs on.

  14. davethewrench says:

    Nice bike…..get that licence dude

  15. mike lytle says:

    @ Fanoboss LMFAO “BETTERER” Jason, nice clean job on the bike, that rear fender fits so good it almost looks like it was painted on the tire!!! thanks for sharing

  16. Qball says:

    I like the look of a polished engine but with that crisp white paint it would be blinding. Sometimes contrast is good :). love this bike

  17. fanoboss says:

    I do agree with Qball. I changed my opinion about the polished motor. What would you think of a White, Gray or Black powder coated motor ? Thanks mike lytle, I try.

  18. Jason says:

    I tried to post a link to a pic of the LEDs on but I think the moderator deleted it. I can email it to you if you want. The fender seriously could not fit any tighter. I actually worried about the tire expanding at speed and rubbing but it worked out ok. I do like the duller look of the motor. Even if I did “polish” it. It would probably just be a rough sanding. I don’t want it to look chrome. Black is what I really wanted for the motor. I tried to by one that had been built and powdercoated but the guy flaked on me.

  19. JWren says:

    How did you get the front hub to fit the stock 16″ rim? Did the rim have to be re-angled to fit the hub?

  20. Jason says:

    I sent it to Buchanans spoke. They originally thought they would have to re angle the wheel… but they didn’t. It just kind of worked on it’s own. They should have the specs on file now for this set up and it should be way cheaper.

  21. buster says:

    superkalafragabitchin !!

  22. Carl says:

    Great wheels. Is your front rim steel? I am considering having a rear 16″ rim mated to a front hub, also. When I phoned the Buchanan’s folks about it, they insisted that it could not be done with a steel rim. When I told them about your experience, they said they were willing to try. Do you remember the name of the person who did your work?

  23. Jason says:

    The front rim is just another rear steel rim. They told me that they might have to re angle the holes or maybe the spokes would look bent when it was assembled.. Neither of these things was true.. they built spokes and assembled it for me and it kind of just worked.

    I believe the guys name was Angel?? You may just have to send it to them.. they said they were going to keep the specs on file but I guess not..

  24. Carl says:

    Cool. Angel is one of their techs, though I haven’t spoken with him yet. I will give it try. Thanks for the help. Awesome bike!

  25. RKeys says:

    What rear fender is that?

  26. Jason says:

    The rear fender and struts are off a kikker hardknock(cheap china bike). I wasn’t huge on the idea of using it but I liked the way it looked. It took some modifications but it fits perfect.

  27. brian says:

    Nice bike! Was wondering where in vegas you got it hardtailed at?

  28. Jason says:

    Hey Brian.. I welded the hardtail in my brother’s garage. These TC kits are really pretty simple.

    If you are in vegas and need a someone to weld it.. I have a few people I could set you up with.

  29. Brian says:

    Hey jason yeah im in vegas…its actually for my friends bike but i plan on finding one soon! So lets meet up or something.

  30. Jason says:

    K… Give me an email when your ready to get some stuff done and I’ll set you up with the right people…

  31. Ed says:

    Hey what size sporty tank is that?