Jason – Final a update on this bike. I finished the build about 6 weeks ago. Total build time was just under 1 year and cost me around $2,300 with a good portion of that going to the wheels. The wheel setup is 2 stock 16″ rims laced to the stock hubs. I had all the parts powdercoated and wrapped them in shinko tires(anyone else have a hard time getting these tires white?).  The motor is stock and I had the carbs rebuilt. The frame is obviously a TC bros hardtail. I built the fake oil tank using diesel exhaust tubing and end caps. The battery box and exhaust were built by a friend. All the paint is rattle can done by me in the garage.

The frame was painted using roll cage paint which ended up spraying really easy and has been pretty durable. The tins and handlebars were painted with automotive color match paint from pep boys. Color sand and buff go a long way with rattle cans!


Everyone who has seen the bike thinks it was professionaly painted. I bought the wiring harness from TC bros and wired it myself hiding as much as possible in the frame. Huge kudos to TC bros for that kit. It makes wiring super easy.

I took a lot of inspiration from this site. Staring at everyones pictures gave me a lot of ideas. I’ll answer any questions you guys have.


xs650 tanktop
xs650 mug
xs650 Bandana
xs650 long sleeve