Another TC bros tail and sporty tank update


Everything is mounted since my last post and I’ve added a headlight and got rid of the goofy stock bars. I also have mounted a WW1 trench knife handle for my kick start lever. I am currently trying to figure out where and how I want to mount my brake light switch and exhaust.




I had planned on using the stock headpipes and running them straight back but I guess Ive had my mind changed for me because the stock pipes run straight into my mid control mounts.  As soon as I get those two things done its off to powder coat.




  1. Barney says:

    What method did you use to mount the trench knife to the kicker arm?

  2. fish says:

    keep the pics comming your makin progress

  3. JohnnyWad says:

    Is that a 16″ rim laced to an XS650 hub on the front? Are the forks stock width? looks great bro!

  4. fanoboss says:

    Looking even better , this coming from a fellow sporty tank and TC Bros. hardtail DEVOTEE. What color LOVE THOSE BARS !!!!! I have drag bars on mine but really dig yours. @ JohnnyWad , click the link just below Jason’s name, it has his tire info there. SO JASON have you decided on a color? You know there is always BLACK METAL FLAKE !!!

  5. Jason says:

    Thanks.. It’s coming along slowly but im getting closer.

    To mount the trench knife i just cut the nub off the end of the stock kicker and welded a bolt to it. The trench knife came with the end cap which is threaded on the inside so it just screwed on. It definitely took some work with a grinder to get it to spin right.

    The rim is a stock 16 on the front. Details are in my old post.

    for color I am still stuck on the everything matte black with white tank and fender. I toy with the idea of going all matte black and doing some metallic green pinstripes on the wheels and tins though. We will se how I feel when the time comes.

    The bars are some cheapies off ebay.

    The pullback was way more than I wanted after recieving them so I straightened them out.

    Thanks for the comments.

  6. Jason says:

    Thanks for the comments..

    I attached the trench knife by cutting the nub off the stock kicker and welding a bolt onto the end. The trench knife came with a threaded end cap so it just threaded on. It definitely took some work with the grinder to get it to spin like it should.

    It is a 16″ stock rim laced to the front hub. The details are in my old post..

    The bars are just cheapies off ebay.. I paid like $20 for them.. when they came the pullback was way more than i wanted so I straightened them out a bit. I can get you a link if you want.

    As far as color I’m still leaning towards matte black everything with white tank and fender. stormtrooper look… I do have a second idea that keeps popping up of matte black everything with sparkle green pinstripe on the wheels and tank and maybe a swamp monster on the tank. I’m not sure.. I know I’ll end up changing it after I do it either way.

  7. Jason says:

    First comment never showed up…. waited. waited. waited…. when I submitted the second one they both showed up. oh well

  8. norm younger says:

    nice lines very clean.

  9. Jimmy J. says:

    A Kikker5150 Rear Fender and Struts……. You can do better than that !!

  10. Jason says:

    I liked the way they looked ::shrugs::

    I figured I would take some heat for that. The struts will be powdercoated so they will look different and the fender really does fit perfect..

  11. sean from boston says:

    really looking good man I can’t wait for you to be finished with this bad larry

  12. jmann says:

    Looks good want to see it finished. I love the kick start.

  13. JWren says:

    I love the way the bike is coming. The front tire is larger than normal right? What size are the tires?

  14. Jason says:

    Thanks.. the rim is a stock rear rim laced to the stock front hub.. so it is 16″ on the front and rear.. the tire is MT-90 shinko.. you can find them for around $80 on the internet.

  15. JWren says:

    Yea I really like that 16″ rim in the front. Its a awsome old school look. Where did you find spokes to fit the 16″ rim to the front hub though? Im thinking about doing the same thing to my Xs650 project.

  16. Jason says:

    The spokes are from buchanans.. cost me $150 because I had to ship the wheel there to get fitted.. they should have the specs on file and it should be cheaper now.
    It looks awesome but it was a pain.

  17. Old bastard says:

    ”Is it on road yet”.

  18. jason says:

    Not yet… I work alot and have a two year old and another on the way… so my building time is super limited..

    I’m going to build the exhaust and drill holes for wiring the electrical this weekend.

    Then it’s off to powder.

    Ill post pics when its done..

  19. 77metricbobber says:

    Sweet ride reminds me of my bike, I like the brass knuckle knife handle