Curvey frame – Holiday customs 76 xs 650


It all started with a 76 yamaha xs 650 that I purchased for $400, It ran and was in good overall condition. Over a couple months I had been thinking of how I wanted this thing to look. I really like the lines on schwinn cruiser bicycles , flowing with curves. Collected the parts over time and sat and stared at the frame for hours. The bike took me around three months to complete. I bent the metal and welded up the hardtail only to find out it needed to be lower, so I cut it off and started over. I didn’t want any regrets with this build so I took my time to make the bike of my dreams. Found a hap jones tank online with some awesome rust on it.xs650-chop-Bike_4_ND

I couldn’t find fork covers that would fit the bike so I made my own out of 2 1/4 ID exhaust tube. The front wheel came off a SL 175 that has a small drum brake. I sanded the frame getting ready for paint and I thought  I don’t want to make a bike that I’m constantly cleaning and worried about the paint so I just left it raw metal.


The X on the header came to me one day and I thought why not. It was a gamble with back pressure and sound but it all worked out. The battery , rectifier , regulator and ignition is hidden behind the carbs in a guitar pic shaped box, that thing was alot of fun to build, it was like tetris trying to fit all that junk in there. The last thing I did before putting it all back together was rebuild the motor, rings , hone , valve job, gaskets ect. the tranny was fine so I left it alone.


The bike runs/sounds great and doesn’t leak a drop of oil. I made everything on this bike except for the seat,  upholstered by Ginger at The bike rides perfect for  around town , I don’t think I will be doing any long trips on it.


I have had some comments on the bike claiming my bike is unpractical and unrideable, or the pipes are going to collect rain…sure it might be bumpy but it’s a sacrifice for good looks, It’s like dating a dumb girl because she’s hot.  Photos by


Check out the new holiday custom motorcycles blog… and the youtube video.

Jared johnson


  1. JET36 says:

    Man, thats sweet. The lines kick ass. Cool seat and pipes. Make me some bars!

  2. jeff says:

    wow thats beautiful. Finally something different! great job

  3. Ben p says:

    Wow man great looking bike totally diffrent and very original dont let anyone knock it great work man hope i can pull something like that myself!

  4. boots says:

    “It’s like dating a dumb girl because she’s hot.” lmao! too true! you got the look of what you were goin’ for… very cool.

  5. Fabbastard says:

    I’m sure likein your build! The X-pipes are just rockin. The thin/narrow ergonomic look you got going on is fabulous. Nice job w photoshop too!

  6. uknowme2goog says:

    very nice…very diffeerent…i dont care what those hard core riders say..bobbers are not for long rides…i use mine around town and i love it….i like what you did with the pipes…would you consider wrapping them in black tape?

  7. visimpact says:

    I love it!! really really nice man. Congrats on a killer build. So much going on there and it all works together beautifully.

  8. joe says:


  9. NIXS says:


  10. Geezerman says:

    NICE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Timmy Flips says:

    lose the seat and you might have something!! Its to long!

  12. J-C says:

    Very nice and I’m sure it’s fun. Same as others…something different. Nice to see someone is thinking and fabricating rather than the usual bolt on or ready made stuff. Nothing wrong with that, just have seen too much of it. Great job!!

  13. HAPPY DAN says:

    Very cool,like the raw frame,nice build

  14. bykerbrad says:

    Absolutely wonderful and A++ for originality. There is not a thing on the bike that I do not dislike…simply out of this world, great job man!

  15. The Flying Imp says:

    That bike is insane!!
    Great job dude.

  16. tadd442 says:


  17. cooter says:

    Sick ride man, I love it! Where at in Oregon are you in, I myself am in PDX…..

  18. Doug says:

    Dig it Big Time. Very cool.

  19. Ted says:

    The Curvey frame is super original looking and definitely reminds me of a Schwinn bike.
    I really dig the front. The fork covers are sick. You should start making and selling them.

  20. anthony says:

    btw, are u the dude from eugene? evilempire?

  21. bigpup says:

    Wow, really great man, nice to see something new!

  22. 6thof7thgarcia says:

    Great, great build, the raw steel look is awesome and the exhaust is just sick.

  23. Ironhead says:

    Really great work… Nice to see something other than all the cookie cutter hardtails that are out there. Just so you know if you don’t treat that frame with something, it’ll be a rust bucket in no time at all, trust me I did my Sporty frame that way and even cleared the bare metal and two years later needed to tear her back down to PAINT the frame, went with a tungsten metal color and air brushed the welds, looks better than it did bare!

  24. night train says:

    having seen this bike in person…I must say it is excellent. sounds great and looks killer.
    Jared is a cool dude and original thinker.

  25. Jeff says:

    Dude, I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Really nice to see the creativity.

  26. Capt_Zoom says:

    Love the creativity. Original in every sense.

  27. Joshua Rasmussen says:

    Got to love out of the box builds. Two thumbs UP!!!!!!

  28. billybobber says:

    Mate great to see something different that works, excellent proportioning. I you ever want to sell me a set of those fork cover

  29. josh says:

    most original style xs I have seen in a long while. Kuddos to you!

  30. Joshua Rasmussen says:

    I can’t stop looking at this build. As for anybody that would talk it down is because you did first. Keep the good work up and hope to see more builds of this quality.

  31. cannonball says:

    Well done, One of the coolest XS’s that I have seen.

  32. Drew Rollins says:

    Nice ride !

  33. Bluejeans says:

    What size is the front rim? How did you make the sl 175 brake work with the xs650 forks? Like the bike by the way.

  34. Richard Hurt says:

    One of the best “new” frames taken off of “old” ideas in quite a while.

  35. earz says:

    Wow, that thing is killer. Best looking XS I’ve seen so far.

  36. ncx says:

    unique as hell i like it though. sounds good too

  37. Trouwen says:

    A 1976 yamaha xs 650 for $400,-?
    Thats is one great deal dude!

  38. bloodhound says:

    Flat out the nicest new take on an xs in the last couple of years. Beautiful.

  39. hellbent says:

    nice, this bike got inspired to work on mine. thanks

  40. Christopher says:

    650chopper How To article: How to make fork covers
    I swear man, just love to see some of the trick bits on some of these bikes and how they were made.
    Your bike is freakin awesome and nicely outside the box. Have an idea for a lowrider bicycle chop using a xs400 and that frame proves to me the style will work.
    Tracked down some swagged cone tube so think I am gonna give a try myself at making some fork covers.
    Way Kool bike ya made

  41. Jonathond says:

    Every time I look at xs650chopper (every day) I have to stop and look through your pics, this is my favorite chop on here great work your bike rocks

  42. oelil says:


  43. ryang says:

    how much did you drop the frame and front end? the bike looks slammed!

  44. norm younger says:

    Nice bike.