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LEADFIST has a good eye for style. Finding the lines and curves that the bike needs to flow in is not easily accomplished.  We will keep this post short and let the pictures do all the work. Here is what Kyle of LEADFIST has to say.



Kyle- What you see here boys and girls is a 1971 yamadahg… We had the rare opportunity, thanks to resourceful Kevin (aka balogna sandwich), to do a build just for the shop.
rear: 18″
front: 21″
Rear fender: Front sportster
Gastank: Mustang, narrowed 3″ (holds 1.2 gallons! roughly 32 miles)

Pegs: 1970’s passenger pegs
Headlight: generic 4-incher
Taillight: (not shown) 1940’s glass lens, “brand new” in the original box
Handlebars: clubmans narrowed 2″
Springer front end, late ’60’s, shortened… alot… almost the shortest in the universe
Leather-work by Leadfist
Paint by Leadfist
Everything else is hidden in the fucking fake oilbag. I built this bike to sell it… then rode it… didn’t want to sell it… ever… then some some bitch-ass dead presidents came and took the bike away… and now we sad.



Kyle – Brandi and Kevin

You can check out the LEADFIST blog:

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