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Finding the lines and curves

that the bike needs to flow in.

The bike started as a ’76 bonestocked xs650… the bike was in real good shape and most collectors probably would have freaked out at the idea of chopping it.. I built the bike for a good friend of mine, not really having an idea of what kind of bike to build. The first stage was stripping the bike down… lightening it up… stepping back, taking it in, finding the lines and curves that the bike needs to flow in. It’s nice to have the freedom to build the bike according to my own vision while simultaneously building it to the character of the client.


Firstoff, I used a TC Brothers hardtail section (which, by the way, is a great setup… real easy). Then I used a sporty peanut tank, narrowed down the center one inch and frisco mounted. The frontend is a 1970’s springer frontend, shortened, running with a 21-inch clean-spool front wheel from V-twin.



The handlebars are flipped around Z-bars on one inch risers. The controls are one-inch brass roundstock turned down on a lathe. The electrical components are all contained in a flour canister, which was purchased at Target. The backwheel is a sixteen inch on a Ching Shing tire running a stock drum break. Everything on this bike is bare minimum. This bike runs like a top. This is actually the first Yamaha I’ve ever built, I’m used to working on Harleys… and I must say that it was a fun bike to build.In fact, an old-timer asked me once, “do you know what Yamaha stands for boy?” and I said “no, what? y’old coot.” and he replied “Young Arrogent Man Awaiting Harley’s Arrival”



-Kyle Edgar, Leadfist Cycles


  1. Ted says:

    This XS is crazy raw. I am loving It. The blue 1977 xs was a good year. The picture of the bike before it’s chopped (like a scared little yummy waiting to be sacrificed.) HAHA. It turned out great men. Those pipes are rad. Killer pictures to, thanks for sending them in Kyle.

  2. Jon says:

    How did you mount that springer front?

  3. hunter Jennings says:

    best bike on here in a while

  4. frank GRC says:

    i agree best n awhile!!!!!!

  5. Hesh says:

    Lovin it dude!
    Make another one!

  6. tadd442 says:

    be proud friends…very proud…

  7. RevCain says:

    this bike is ridiculously stupid in all the right ways. i’m working on stuff that will make people little kids cry, grown men doubletake, and grown women beg for a ride…… on the bike, so i love the hyper individualism it took to put upturned cocktail shakers on the end of your shotguns.

    sorry about the run on sentence, i was that excited when i typed that.



  8. kyle says:

    Thanks for the feed back.

  9. Teebs says:

    So, here I am eating my words. I hate the current trend of XS/ TC Bros hardtail/ Sporty tank, but…

    Above and beyond, man. This is just pure sickness. Flow and attitude in spades. It’s pretty AND badass, a hard combination to capture.

    One question, one observation and one complaint….

    Did you cap the rails where they join the axle plate?

    It seems that everybody takes pics from the left side far more often than the right.

    MORE CLOSE UPS! I want to see that sweet looking neck gusset and the fender strut on the right side…. dammit.

  10. Teebs says:

    RevCain, beautiful ink.

  11. Radical ride, Kyle!!!!!This bike flows, but ain’t going with the flow.

  12. Willem says:

    Don’t like the exhausts…at all! But if they were cut of, I would like the bike al lot more. But then hey: It’s subjective so don’t bother hahaha!
    I’m hoping to start with a 650 project next year. All the best!

  13. visimpact says:

    Man I love that bike. Totally raw and all around bad ass. I love what you did with the tank especially. WELL DONE!!!

  14. kyle says:

    Thanks so much everyone.
    To answer some ?’s. I didn’t cap the rear tubing being that i get lazy and to excited to ride the thing. The neck gusset is a rear sprocket off a harley. I didn’t have a drill bit big enough to drill the holes and had to improvise. The rear fender strut is from a harley sissy bar. I also modified the neck to mount the front end to fit. Sorry no close ups. You can check out my blog for some up dated photos: leadfistcycles.blogspot.com
    or http://www.myspace.com/leadfistcycles
    Thanks again.

  15. lil bastard says:

    Far out I dig it ! It’s down and dirty! Love it ! It’s a cool little chop!

  16. Steve says:

    Cool look very nice ..

  17. BillyBobba says:

    Done well!

  18. blackwidow says:

    Straight raw man

  19. andy carter says:

    the exhaust is the best part in my opinion. good job dude.

  20. Wow -wicked pics and a very very cool project! I bet you could sell that for a mint!

  21. TheBikeNut says:

    Wow, this is the best looking bike I’ve seen in ages!! Worth a bookmark 🙂

  22. shawn says:

    whats the length of the springer?

  23. hooversama says:

    Trying to get a phone number for Leadfist Cycles…..ran into Kevin (Baloney Sandwich) last week in New Paltz….I just sold “A Metric Chopper” that was on this site….and am looking for another bike.


  24. hooversama says:

    this bike is sick….love it raw….

    dude, what the hell are those skulls in the window of that old car in the background? i wan them for my 59 galaxie’s back window…..sweet.

  25. sean from boston says:

    Bad ass.

  26. Josh says:

    How narrow is the space between the rockers. I guess I am asking has this springer been narrowed. If so what is the measurement at the axle. Thanks best looking bike I’ve seen on here. Absolutely awesome!