xs650 boardtracker

Update on Metal Head Fabrication’s boardtracker

Nick from Metal Head Fabrication finally got his boardtracker xs650 bike wrapped up. We posted this bike up on the web  just a few months back. You can read that post by clicking here.. This bike got a lot of comments and questions, so we brought you a stack of pictures of the finished ride for you to drool over.

wall tracker 2

wall tracker 1

wall tracker 3

wall tracker 15


Comments from the earlier post: reynoldburton said: Oh, thats something completely different. Much respect to this boardtrackerstyle masterpiece! Never seen something like this before done to an XS – turned out really nice.

-Nick- The tanks are aluminum, which really isn’t my prefered material. I’m more of a steel person myself. Each one is made of two halves that were hammer formed and then welded together. It took a healthy mix of files, flap wheels, and fiber pads to get them smoothed out. Putting the hours in to get them together started to seem like a hassle about half way through, but seeing them on there made me forget about the labor, sort of.

wall tracker 9

wall tracker 10

Comments from the earlier post: WannaXS said: Cool looking machine. I think thats the first XS I have seen with a leaf fork thingy..

-Nick- The forks were a fun project. The spring is a trailer leaf that’s been cut in half. Having a custom spring made or getting a replica Indian spring could be an option, but they can be pretty pricey. Aside from being more affordable, I kind of like the shape of the average leaf spring more than the flat ones. Plus, making good use of parts intended for something else just adds to that feel of chopping!

wall tracker 6

wall tracker 8

-Nick- My favorite part on the bike is probably the rear fender. A while back a friend actually made his own fender rolling machine to make a single fender for his own bike. The idea of having one done in solid brass popped in my head, so I ran it by him. Straight away he was into it. He wouldn’t take money for it and only made me buy the material. The quality of the fender blew my mind. That and the fact that it was basically a gift really made it a cool part to be able to add to the bike.

wall tracker 11

wall tracker 22

wall tracker 20

wall tracker 18

wall tracker 19


-Nick- There’s plenty of spots on the bike that could be added on to, but it’s been too nice out lately. It felt like it was time to take it out for some summer time rides.


Metal Head Fabrication



  1. Hans from Holland says:

    A real masterpiece Nick !!!
    Clean and superb lines, that’s the spirit.
    Had your pics in the mailbox today, thanXS, we’re proud to have your boardtracker in our Dutch XS 650 magazine soon.

  2. Davo says:

    Nice ride Nick…
    Boardtracker’s are one of my fav bike’s.
    Nice work and your right way to nice outside not to be ride it!
    Keep it up and remember shinny side up and tire side down!
    Peace out

  3. Bodhi says:

    Wow, and i don’t lend compliments easily. definitely top ten.

  4. Alex says:

    Wow, really nice. I really like that fender. It really shows that time and effort was put into it, amazing end result.

  5. kenb says:

    Nick that is a fantastic, cool work of art that moves wow I would someday lay eyes on that work, just awsome great work all of it. Enjoy, Ken

  6. hooversama says:

    I liked it better when it was dirty, filthy, and scruffy. It is still cool. Sweet ride.

  7. tadd442 says:

    Top notch work all around.
    One of the best…..anywhere!

  8. Metal Head Fab says:

    Heya, I’m glad you guys dig it over all. Getting it done made me realize why I dont finish bikes!

    Taking the letters off had more to do with their size/shape than the fact that they said yamaha. Out of every bike I’ve ever looked at, this has to be one of the ugliest cast logos ever made. The 2″ block lettering just didn’t seem to flow with the rest of the bike.

    I have to agree though, I actually liked it better when it was unfinished myself! -Nick

  9. Steve says:

    Very nice detail in every thing !! Cool look .

  10. trent reker says:

    incredibly clean. what are the wheels? a 21 and a 23? i’m building an xs bike with jeff at saint with two 21s and a ribbed brass fender. nice to see others into that.

    really beautiful job, man.

  11. chris s. says:

    hei nick!

    thanx for the answer!

    maybe i can agree with the fact that those letters wouldnt fit there aesthetically!
    but that deep square empty space looks bad now!!


    man, u have to come up with an idea!
    cover it somehow!

    and btw… i agree with every compliment the guys above say!

    this bike is great!!!!

  12. Metal Head fab says:

    Trent, both wheels are 23’s. I might have to get one of those copper fenders from 7metals for my next bike.

  13. trent reker says:

    dan’s fenders are meaty and really well priced. the copper fender is really a looker and we almost went that way but i wanted a black and gold paint job (geaux saints!) so the brass fit that design ethic better.

    if you call dan, tell him i sent you. he works fast, too.

  14. Doug Deller says:

    wow. that is some of the nicest workmanship around. very good looking design & looks like it was well done.

  15. Blackwidow says:

    That bike is really nice, Looks like alot of work and effort went into that

  16. Bodhi says:

    Details details…..

    with the amount of fab work done to this ride , I can’t believe the focus is on the logo or lack there of.

    get a sign shop to make up a custom decal and call it a day.
    If thats too easy, and you can always peal the sticker later, some cnc programs have script lettering already written for a custom plaque. There’s always engraved lettering

    cantafordno choppers was one of my favorites.

    still top ten

  17. Twinsarehot says:

    it does not need no stinking logo! let people marvel at it’s uniqueness and then leave them confused as to what the f*** you are riding!

  18. Jzhope says:

    I like that they took the yamaha name off the side case. I have a couple of bikes like that. I love it when we stop somewhere and all the Harley guys have to ask “what is it?” Makes all the hard work worth it!

  19. Ted says:

    Jzhope – ya, I think it’s cool that it doesn’t have Yamaha anywhere on it. The bikes ghosted and no one will have a clue as to what make it is unless they know the xs..

  20. chevy53 says:

    hell yea, unique and different.

  21. Pickles says:

    Steady pushin that innovation! Killer build, and keep em comin!

  22. Harry Carmony says:

    I commented on your previous post, – asking how people feel when they get passed by a 1917 POPE doing 130 mph….
    I marvelled on the fabricating skills, the aesthetics, and a Most Extrordinarily Good Natured Attitude and Imagination…(!!!!!!!!!)
    This Motorcycle Almost Adds Another Demention…- I dont lack for Imagination, – but I have to say your Fabricating Skills and Abilities Put The Fear of God in Me and Most…”Brilliant” is the word for this Work of Art…
    I look at the photographs – entranced…- and then suddenly it hits me..- Imagine this thing in REAL LIFE..- It throws my brain over to a Whole New Area of Braincells…
    You set a Hell Of An Example Here in Every Way…-most of which cant really be followed by most of us…- but one lesson here that Really Jumps Out at Me that we can All Try to Remember – Is:

  23. Mark MacPherson says:

    Wicked !

  24. Blacksmithbilly says:

    I’ve enjoyed watching the progress on this bike.
    Just some great craftsmanship..

  25. Ron says:

    Work or art. Besides all the other questions I have, how did you shave the Yamaha off the clutch cover wothout going through?

  26. Gerry says:

    Just AWESOME, I do likes old school, and THAT be OOOOLD school.
    2 things I would definitely add …
    Tail light
    License Plate
    Unless of course your racing it…would love to bomb around the streets though.

  27. jason says:

    love the bike – 1 quetion. i dont see a spring to get the rear brake shifter to return to the “rest” position. may i ask how you set that up? ive been trying to rig up my rear drum linkage and can get it to actuate ok but not to return after depressing the pedal. and my setup isnt nearly as clean as yours!! thanks and again a beautiful bike.

  28. castironmeyer says:

    Outstanding build, trully unique! Would love to see more like this one. Enjoy!

  29. flyboy says:

    Very nicely done! Was wondering where you got the tires? I have a project going with 21″ wheels and need some tires for it…especially the rear. May need to go to a 23″ wheel.
    Thanks for sharing,

  30. mike says:

    to build something like this you need to get completely OFF the envelope because just being on the edge you are still going to be only stationary. something conjured up in a dream, hammered out at the forge, assembled only during the full moon and,ridin with reverance. beautifully executed, thanks for sharing. I am totally blown away!!!!!!!

  31. norm younger says:

    Love the sheetmetal.

  32. mike lytle says:

    i’ve left a comment on this bike here before, but i keep coming back to look more and more. in my humble opinion this is without a doubt my number 1 pick for design and build that i have seen on this, or for that matter, any site. as before i am totally blown away.

  33. RVflyer says:

    I love the look of this bike…it has a timeless look that will remain in vogue forever. I was wondering what kind of rims those were? Dont know where you found 23″ tires for it but I’ll bet there aren’t many options available. Masterfully done…congrats!

  34. almodesem says:

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  35. theirie1 says:

    That is one of the coldest build..Ever!

  36. Joe McNinch says:

    WOW! thats about all i can say… One of a kind. Could you post a video I bet those pipes bark like crazy!

    great job

  37. Strafemall says:

    Jeezuz ! What an incredible build ! Great imagination and skill to turn out such a unique bike !

  38. mike lytle says:

    just had to look at this beautiful build again……………i”m still very impressed!!!!!!!!!!

  39. duder says:

    this bike is so dope, I hope mine comes out half this nice. the 2 21inch wheels are classy as is the brass fender. nice job man