broken bones in my neck


I first saw your site whilst flat on my back in the hospital (for 5 weeks) after being knocked off my brand new, now dead, Moto Guzzi Griso 8v and I was hooked. Despite the broken bones in my neck, back, leg, wrist and foot I vowed that I would build an XS650 to my style, whatever that is!

The picture enclosed is of me (in your tshirt) with my newly acquired 1975 xs650 which is my starting point. Now all I have to do is get some movement back in my wrist, get rid of the neck brace and start walking without crutches.

Ebay here I come!



  1. Ted says:

    Hi Ollie,
    I’m glad to see that you’re back on your feet after taking a spill. Men, that xs looks like a really good start. It looks like it has had some motor work done. Hopefully you got a fat insurance check to play with. Ride safe men and thanks for picking up a shirt and supporting the site. Definitely send in some updates when you get a chance.

    Take it easy!

  2. Gray D. says:

    Good to hear you’re right back at things with an XS! Good luck with a speedy recovery, mate!

  3. random_guy says:

    jesus. what happened in the accident? great started bike too amigo!

  4. kenb says:

    Wow thats dedication to the sport! Be easy take care and hope to see some up dates, and yea looks like a nice very nice donor. Be Well, Ken

  5. Stu says:

    That thing is too nice to chop up. Slap a plate on it and your good to go.

  6. Puker says:

    Heal quick and get back on the road! cheers!

  7. mark A says:

    dont butcher a good bike , there are so many ratty specials out there , these are great bikes to ride stock . you could sell the nice one and buy 5 ratty ones ,

  8. Ollie says:

    I dont think I can bring myself to do any chopping on this one. i am going to change some bits but nothing permanent. I am already on the lookout for another (ratty) one to start ‘butchering’.

  9. mark A says:

    I wish you a speedy recovery ,

  10. jesus says:

    If ya wanna get rid of that seat give me a holler!

  11. Gerry says:

    Nice bike, just needs some clubman bars. Heal up soon.

  12. scott says:

    yeah that bikes already been “customized” leave it alone! if u wanna chop up something find a worn out original!!

  13. fanoboss says:

    prayers said.