Brat bike all done and sold

Joel Mekolites Bratstyle

Well I ended up doing all the bodywork and making her pretty. I sold it a couple weeks later. LOl I ended up buying another xs for $275. I cant wait to get started on her. Here is a video of the details of the bike.



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  1. Brian says:

    How much did ya get for her?

  2. joel mekolites says:


  3. Capt-Zoom says:

    Awesome Bratstyle!

    A couple of quick questions.
    1. What type of security camera battery did you use. How much did it cost. Cheaper than the motorcycle battery?
    2. What was your final seat height?

  4. _rM_ says:

    Said it before, say it again – LOVE THIS BIKE!

    Really wish I can get my hands on a cheap one to get something going similar to this!

  5. joel mekolites says:

    It was an interstate battery was around $40 i didn’t want a monster car battery showing so I went this route. The xs’s are getting hard to find. Everybody want a boatload for them. alot havent been started for years and some don’t have a title and they still want a ton for them.

  6. Capt_Zoom says:

    Thanks for the info Joel.

    I got mine for $200 but hasn’t been registered since 1999. Still trying to get her running. Found on craigslist

    Have another one coming for free from a neighbor who wants it out of her garage…hasn’t run in 14 years.

    I see about 3-4 runners a week here in MN going for $500-900.

    Problem is getting one with a title. In MN it might as well be worthless without a title.

    There was one guy selling 3 untitled bikes for $500. Running 650 maxim, running xs750 both without title and a titled non running xs650. I already had mine so I passed.

  7. joel mekolites says:

    we are in the same boat here in ohio. I have seen a ton but a lot with no title. They are wanting 1200-2000 for most around here. When I stood over this one the seat pan was at the bottom of my knee

  8. By far one of the nicest most SWEET xs650’s I’ve seen anywhere on the interweb! Dude, you are a freakin artist…period.

  9. _rM_ says:

    Yeah it is silly how much these are going for lately, especially the ones that don’t have titles and don’t run.

  10. lil gromit says:

    3k for none runner in australia, 5k to 9k for running to rebuilt

  11. Ted says:

    joel – Congratulations on sale. A work of art for sure. It was cool to see you work through different tanks and color schemes until you found “it”. I got rid of my alien tank and am waiting on a sliced down sportster tank because of this bike..

  12. Blackwidow says:

    Cool bike did you true the rims yourself??Was it hard??I really like what you did to the tank and I like the bike pedals you have on there

  13. joel mekolites says:

    I just laced the wheels I didnt have the patience to true them. LOL

  14. Steve says:

    Nice bike .

  15. hooversama says:

    i friggin LOVE the paint scheme on this bike…..sick ride…..really sick!

  16. Shawn Dennis says:

    man this bike is one of my favorite xs650 choppers great work……..

  17. sean from boston says:

    such a sick bike very inspirational