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Wade – I have always been into motorcycles but mostly dirt bikes until I found myself always wanting to go on rides with my in-laws, who both have Harleys. I am in school and needed something on a budget.

I dig the bobber, brat style and was searching for pics on google when I came across this site. I am grateful for all the awesome people who are so willing to help with a build.

xs650-chop-Mama Tried 9-2

It wasn’t long before I found an ’81 XS! It was a pile, lol, my wife was blown away that I wanted to buy this thing! I could see the potential and figured I couldn’t really mess it up. Ha ha. I grew up with dirt bikes and worked on them quite bit and thought I could make this bike work if I kept it all simple. I rewired it so that it is kick start only running just headlight, taillight, and blinkers. I put PAMCO Petes ignition on it, btw Pete is great too, helped out a ton!

Next I cut the frame and welded Visual Impact’s brat kit, a tank from Lowbrow, and bars and pipes from TC Bros. Welded some old dirt bike pegs on also! Think I may lower the front forks and polish the clutch and stator covers, but gonna wait til winter, thanks DIY Library, I’ve been riding the hell out of it! Just want to say I had a great time building this thing. It took about 8 months to complete, due to time and money, but well worth it. I thank all of you guys on this site!!!

xs650-chop-Mama Tried 5-2

And also my wife for taking the pics and the kids for putting up with all the cussing lol! Funny how every time I stop for gas someone will come up and ask about it. The best part was when we stopped at the local Harley shop and all the mechanics came out and checked it out! They said, “It’s guys like you who got this whole motorcycle thing started!” I was amazed that they were checking my bike out with all the Harleys all over, but I guess they can appreciate……..”DROOL. BUILD.  RIDE!”

Thanks again guys, you’re the BEST!! Hope you enjoy this baby as much as I do!!

“American Rebel”