Bratstyle Downunder Style!


Write about your XS650.: This is my Bratstyle Bobber that Ive been building over last few months with parts that I sourced on Ebay. Its a 1970 frame with a 75 engine, 21 inch alloy front rim laced to an SR400 drum hub brake, Sr400 front end, 16 inch alloy drum rear. Lowered the seat area 2 inches, Suzuki Savage shocks, freashly powdercoated in a silver gray, brass dog bone risers, Z bars and heaps more. I should have it finished in next few weeks. Just got to finish wiring, cables etc…. I’ll post more pics later.



  1. Hesh says:

    I have not been a big fan of swing arm bikes but this looks good, can not wait to see the finished bike!

  2. Ratrodder says:

    Sweet build man! I love the tail section and those wheels look killer too. The SR front drum with its holes is one of the best looking drums anyway. Are you able to get me one of those Bratstyle tail lights? I need one quick and can’t locate a source that stocks them and ships to my country. Drop me a line ratrodder[at]
    Cheers Pat