77 refurbished


Write about your XS650.: This started as an already complete hardtailed bobber. This was the Reefkeeper bobber that i just couldnt keep my hands off of. The bike had a 4″stretch which i cut down to stock length. It has a KD175 frontend as i wanted to go with the 21″ front wheel and hub brake. The tank will be black and gold with some lace. Finishing the bike has slowed down a bit but its getting there!




Thanks  Harold Dear


  1. faster faster with the progress…..

    pretty please.

  2. Andrew says:

    Love it.

  3. stewart says:

    very kool bike.when do you think it’ll be on the road?

  4. HDear says:

    Thanks for the compliments! The kids and third shift have slowed me down quite a bit but i hope its on the road here in a couple months.

  5. Sean says:

    Hey Guys does anybody know what the tank on this bike is off ??

  6. HDear says:

    The tank is a wassel knockoff.

  7. Shawn says:

    I gotta have that rear fender! I’m in the “collecting parts” stage right now, like hard -tail, forward c’s,velosity S’s, Spoke wheels, F&B. Now I need rear fender, Rear light, batt box, I’d like to make the stock-to-Bobber jump and not miss out on a So. California summer w/ the Bike down for 7or 8 months. Gonna get rid of those ’81 emmision carbs so can put some adjustable carbs to feed some real pipes. I got a real deal question, HOW does everyone get/have their engines n wheels polished! I’ve been trying the hard way n that can’t be the prefered method. So ! Hows it done? Sand blast? And then Bead blast? Who n where? Every XS is like chrome, yet no one mentiones the incretible polish jobs and how its done. Whats up w/that rear fender, and how do you get the Eng.,wheels, n Alum polished out?

  8. HDear says:

    The fender i got off ebay. Just do a search for ribbed fenders and you will find it. There is a seller on there doing the repops and they are pricey but very nice. As far as polishing, as of right now there is no polishing done to that bike. I detailed and preped the engine and sprayed it with high temp silver. All my covers are sprayed that color also but just temporarily. I have extra covers waiting to be polished. Im not very good at it as i dont have the patience so im looking for someone to do them. Oh, and i believe this tank to be a Beck. There is one on ebay right now and if you go to thechopperunderground.com there is a wassel tank with nice paint ready to go for $200.

  9. HDear says:

    Here is the fender i bought but there are cheaper used ones on there.

  10. 650bobjob says:

    One of the cleanest I’ve seen. Bitchin!!!

  11. scott lookabaugh says:

    Hey man can I get more info on your frame? That has the perfect stance

  12. HDear says:

    It is a 4″ stretch Kansas Kustom hardtail cut down to stock length.

  13. Breahn says:

    Could you give me some more info on the tank?

  14. HDear says:

    The tank is, from what i can tell, a wassel knockoff. Probably mid/early 70s? Beck.

  15. Scott says:

    Hey man anyway I could get your email I would love to pic your brain on a few things if I could.

  16. You said you went with a KZ175 front end because you wanted a 21″. Why did the 21″ not work with the stock front end? How much lower is the KZ front end compared to the stock 650 one?

  17. slim says:

    hey man Ive got a few of those mags (xs650) that you are lookin for search slimsfab on chop cult, SLIM

  18. mfrad17 says:

    Dude, I gotta ask, how did you get the jug and head so clean. I’ve tried everything that I can think of, but can get mine to clean up. I’m planning on painting them flat black just to cover up the ugly.

  19. norm younger says:

    Nice bike any new pics?

  20. moose says:

    I just referbished a kd 175 kaw two stroke from 1979 an old clasic spent almost a grand on it so worth it to