XS 650 Chopper Re-Phased!!

Sick sounding  Re-Phased xs650 choppppppp. Re-Phased XS 650 Engine. Bored to 707CC, Ported and Polished head, Custom intakes, Port Matched Carbs and Intakes, Dual Lectron Flatslide carbs 34MM, Custom Pamcopete Ignition (all electric baby!!… fleischegurken commented “DAMN!!! That sounds good! I need to get off my ass and re-phase one of mine… The price of the cam is what’s scaring me… More vids please….” punkskalar send in some pictures…


  1. BubbaKahuna says:

    Daaaaamn! Sounds NICE!

  2. Hugh says:

    Cam was easy dude, just cut in 1/2, rotate it, and weld it up. Ok, it may be a bit tedious to get it all to spec, but its cheap that way!!

    Here is the build thread, just had a photoshoot today, so no new pics until after the Smokeout!!!


  3. Mark says:

    Sweet ride