K. Hall’s Swingarm Bobber “Brat Style”


Done in 20 days

I just finished this bike for my wife for her 30th birthday. I must say that i thought that building this type of bike would be WAY faster and easier than my ridgid but this is not the case. I still managed to get it done in 20 days just in time for her party and she loves it.





Thanks Bryan Hall


  1. Steviemonster says:

    Shes a lucky lady bro! great bike! love the green……reminds me of a set of 80’s skateboard wheels…..slime balls!!! great colour!

  2. BHALL says:

    hahahaha. I forgot about slime balls. I think we have new name for the bike!

  3. Mike D. says:

    nice bike man! the green is nice. is that powder coat or paint on your engine covers? looks good. check my bike out on here, its the “81 burnt copper Beauty”.

  4. BHALL says:

    Thanks, the engine covers are painted with some wrinkle paint made by krylon. I Dig the color on your bike it turned out real nice! good job Mike D.

  5. Ted says:

    slime balls..lol. I bought a pair of slimeballs wheels from my neighbor with my lunch money..

  6. Ryan says:

    great looking bike, what handlebars are those?

  7. BHALL says:

    Thanks, They are actualy stock Honda trail 90 bars. They have an internal throtle that you can use but its kinda tricky to get it to work smooth.

  8. jimmy ako says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY : ) to the lucky lady. tell me the engine is a 1979. you wouldn’t like to finish mine for my birthday would you. its in feb so no rush : p

  9. sam says:

    Dang man, where can I get a beautiful gal like that in texas.hahah

  10. jeff harper says:

    Bike is beautiful…are those stock shocks? and how did you get them on that angle?…extend swingarm?, relocate holes?

  11. zach says:

    this bike is gorgeous! great job man!

  12. Bryan Hall says:

    The shocks are 11″ replacement shocks. I relocated the uper shock mount. The swingarm is stock and the lower shock mount is in the orignial location.

  13. PJ says:

    Sick Bike. I am also building a sprung XS. What are the exaust tips? Looking for a mini tip like that for my XS.

  14. Ted says:

    I think you can pick those exhaust tips up from JP cycles.com

  15. Bryan Hal says:

    They are Emgo 12″ shorty muflers $20 bucks a piece Your local bike shop should be able to get them.

  16. 650bobjob says:

    Killer bikes, yours and the wife’s. I dig the tires on the bike. What are they?

  17. casey smith says:


  18. Rob says:

    Very cool bike brother. looks like you made maximum impact without a lot of frame mods….. Anyway you could detail your journey. I’m looking to build something very similar but don’t have the tools, space or technical know-how to confidently cut up my $400 investment. any help would be appreciated.

  19. Scott S says:

    Is the rake stock? It looks kicked out a little bit. If so, how much?
    Great looking bike.

  20. Randy says:

    How do you hide/get rid of ? all of the wiring on a project such as this? I have a 79 650 special and want to do a similar project to mine. I just have no Idea of what to do with the wiring. I wouldnt mind kick start only if that is what I must do but would prefer to have a starter if possible. Any advice would be very much appreciated. Thanks.

  21. mick says:

    I normally hate brat bikes. I think they are just bike built by guys that cant weld, But i actually like what you have done here.

  22. Teebs says:

    mick, you’re a frikkin idiot. Reading your other posts confirms it. nothing constructive or valuable in your posts. that attitude about “brat” style builds proves you don’t know what the f*ck you’re talking about. If you think a hardtail is the essence of what is cool, you wouldn’t know cool if it punched you in the face.

  23. Jon says:

    Amazing bike man. I was wondering where you got the seat. Did you make it? This is my favorite xs of all time! Great job!!!

  24. chuck says:

    Great scoot dude. I really love it. Would like to see some more pics, in particular, some close ups of where you relocated the upper shock mount to or some detail on how you did it exactly. Thanks for your time.