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Want more XS650 Chopp’s to drool over?

Help spread the word and get more XS650 pic’s to enjoy. Know anyone with a 650 that hasn’t gotten around to sending in pics to the site. Take a minute and send them a quick message.

  • Just click on any post and at the bottom click on the share and bookmark this button.


  • A drop-down menu will appear. Click on the send e-mail icon.
  • Then just fill out a quick form and it send.


  • It’s a super quick way to help spread the message and get some more XS650 Chopp’s coming in.
  • So please take a minute and send a quick message to one of your bro’s. Don’t wait for others to do it, take some initiative and help grow the site.


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  1. Hey All,

    I have 2 XS 650’s that I picked up and I am planning to create somrthing different with each. I found this site and it has some of the greatest 650’s I have ever seen. If you want you can check out my site with pics of what I found when I went to pick them up.