Dropseat Air-ride XS Chopper



Soon Enough The Only Part Left!

Year: 1979

Describe Your XS650:
Ok, I’m not sure if the bike got submitted last time I tried, so here it is again. This bike started out as a simple project, I was going to build some bars for it, then change the tail section a little. Then I heard that the stock XS650 forks are kind of wobbly and benefit from a fork brace. I thought that was crappy, so I came up with the bright idea to replace the forks with Kawasaki ZX6R forks and brakes, then I decided I didn’t like the way this looked, or that looked, and soon enough the only part of the bike left is the front half of the frame and the engine! I decided to go with an air-ride system because I’ve never worked with air before, and wanted to try it.


Basic specs: Engine is stock except for the exhaust, which i built. Literally, I didn’t even really touch the motor, I bought a few gaskets for it and it fired right up! I got the bike as a $300 parts bike so I had no idea if it even ran. The forks as mentioned are 2004 inverted radial caliper mount sportbike forks.


The brakes are a combination of the factory Kawasaki dual 4-piston calipers and 2008 Harley road glide rotors. It’s running a 240mm rear tire, 120mm front. The rear tire is ran using a combination of a custom offset sprocket and a jackshaft setup. The bars I built myself, along with the rear half of the frame and the swingarm, and the seat, ect…


I just finished painting the bike, and am in the process of reassembling it. Overall this bike rides fantastically, I’m really happy with it, and for being my first bike build ever I’m pretty stoked. Let me know if you’ve got any questions!

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  1. Ted says:

    I’ve seen earlier versions of your bike posted around. You’ve done a BADASS job for your first bike Sky. Thanks for sending pictures man.

  2. Sky says:

    Thanks man, I appreciate you posting them up!

  3. JON M says:

    it looks like you don’t even need a kickstand you just lower. really cool bike. I like the unfinished with the blue tank and raw metal.

  4. hoosierduckman says:

    Kick ass dude! Do u have pics of bike at ride height?

  5. Weed says:

    I do not like soft tail,but this is really kick ass.
    Really nice to see
    Big thumbs up

  6. Sky says:

    Everyone always asks for a picture at ride height, and I never took one before I broke the bike down for paint. However, I do have a video I took of me riding it before I had it totally together!


  7. Chopper Gary says:


    Nice Bike how is the Offset Sprocket working out?


  8. Teebs says:

    Yeah, I saw this when you were posting after you got the air-ride done. I didn’t comment then, glad I’m getting another chance.

    I kept looking at the pics asking myself if it was the same bike… something wasn’t right. The last time I saw it, the forks were gold. I saw the video and it all clicked.

    Pretty badass, brother. I love seeing somebody letting their ingenuity and creativity roll.

    Please keep the pics coming, and I know we would all love some close up video of that Air-ride in action.

  9. Tony says:

    Bike looks awesome Sky! I was following your build thread on Honda-Tech. Glad to see the final product.

  10. eggie says:

    hey sky … looks awesome !!!! …. what did you do for rear brake?

  11. A. Allen says:

    Let me just say CONGRATS on building what is my new favorite bike! I am a sportbike rider looking into building an inexpensive custom on the side. You have the build I am looking for, fat tire (but not too fat) spokes, a fantastic look, and best of all, CHEAP! keep me posted wit pics and tech so I can get this build underway!

  12. BODON says:

    I don’t know much about bikes, I found some Kawasaki ZX6R forks… but how do you put those forks on? lol HELP

  13. velimir zlatarev says:

    Hi Guys!I permit to ask You about problem I face buing a drop seat chopper frame,
    when installing the standard 66T rear belt pulley.
    The belt presses the swing arm. As I understood I should install smaller rear belt pulley,
    for example 61T from Harley-Sportster,or…I definetly do not know!
    Can You please let me know what I supose to do in this case to solve that problem?!THANKS A LOT!Velimir

  14. Shvle72 says:

    Awsome ! That build will inspire me to go ahead with my first build that I have postponed long enough. Great job.

  15. Eric says:

    I like the exhaust. RAD exhaust!

  16. King Acre says:

    Question…How much can you tell me about the front end…(forks)?

  17. DADDYG says:

    Not a over kill really nice now you got me wanting to build one .
    I had a HD that did that but very COOL. You got TALLENT

  18. Robb Tibbins says:

    hey looks great I just bought a 78 cb 750 so I can do this your bike has inspired me to jump I never did this before either. I have built many custom cars but I now want to do something different

  19. Sean from boston. says:

    oh my… Its.. BEAUTIFUL

  20. Ward says:

    Sky, Dunno if yer still out there lookin at this but I’m in the middle of a build and the inverted forks, OUCH! Beautiful bike brother! If you get a chance and dont mind helpin a brother out ward.hruza@sealweld.com could use some info on the inverted fork swap.

  21. Barney says:

    First bike build??? Holy s#!*&^)@)% awesome!

  22. rj from the ole school says:

    Now when it comes to LOWRIDERS,,,,,you got the lowest of the LOW,,,,really kool,,,,bet it scrapes coming in to your driveway,,,,you probably welded a skid plate on bottom,,,right?,,,,,I dont know if I’d want asphalt moving 70mph that close to my rear end,,,but if it doesn’t bother you then OK by me,,,,,really LOW machine,,,nice

  23. bryan says:

    DUDE , THIS IS THE MOST KICK ASS BIKE I HAVE EVER SEEN!!!!! WOOOH!! I’ve built custom 4-links for lowrider trucks n i cant get enough of the air suspension. I’m planning on building a bike n putting air suspension on it also bro. This is a kick ass bike n hope to c more bikes come outta ur garage.

  24. El Gaucho says:

    Wonder what ever happened to this bike? I know Sky’s working on a turbo cafe 650 now (or maybe he’s already done?)………..Hmmmmmm