Weed’s XS650 Hardtail Chopper


Weed’s XS650 Hardtail: Holland..

Year : 1980 and 2 of 1978

” Hay I am Weed from Holland. I have a XS650 hardtail and i love it. I have 3 Yamaha XS650. The black XS is from 1980 and the other 2 from 1978. The black XS is not yet ready, he’s waiting for new paint job. The other 2 are also not ready yet, it will take some time for they are ready. My favorite site is www.xs650.nl , And my own site www.hardtailmaniac.nl. Its only for hardtail bike’s. Hardtail bike’s made bij Holland and België. This site also is Very good and I like it a lot.

P.s  ik hoop dat het allemaal een beetje goed staat wand mijn engels is zwaar kloten.  lol ”

Rough Translation: Dutch » English

P.S I hope that everything is good with my English it is heavy balls. LOL

Weed, Your English is way better than my Dutch. Mad props to anyone who can read and write a second language.. Thanks for sending in your pictures. That is a cool seat you have on your xs650 man. Your sites pretty cool to.





  1. Ryan says:

    Water A Wood? Cool seat is it off a tractor?

  2. Weed says:

    Yes its a tractor seat i cut it down, it was very big
    Now it looks great

  3. S!CK says:

    éy weed(smoke’m if ya got’m)
    ruige fiets en ziek zadel.
    Glij je d’r niet af man?
    and for the english MF’s that’s:
    éy mr.weed(rook ze als je ze hebt)
    rough bike and sick seat.
    Don’t you slide off?

  4. Weed says:

    Yo S!ck,
    Ja een beetje , maar gewoon goed vasthouden . lol
    En op een gegeven moment zit ik tegen het spatbord.
    En ga er nog eens een rand rond maken van metaal of hout

    Yes a little, but just holt tight
    And at any given moment, I am against the fender.
    And there go another round edge of metal or wood

  5. andy carter says:

    hey weed where in holland do you live? i have a friend from Hoensbroek.

  6. Weed says:

    Hey Andy,
    I come from Roosendaal This is not near Hoensbroek

  7. Bow says:

    Hey Weed when you gonna show your next project here,i think it’s brutal