Steve’s Brat ! xs650


“Year 1981. This bike followed me home from a swap meet. The 2 pic is how it looked then . Still got alot of work to go , will keep you posted ..”


Look at that ratty old Yamaha.  Who in their right mind would want that bike?


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The drop-down seat is the direction I’m headed with my current motorbike.  A couple of things I noticed right away, the license plate mount and the tail light mount.. I also noticed the shotgun shells in the end of the seat rails. Nice..


Thanks Steve..


  1. NielsMF says:

    Firstclass right on. keep the good pic comeing

  2. Nate says:

    If you haven’t noticed Steve really does have an XS’s so bad we don’t tell him when we find a good one we can tell anyone cuz it will get back to Steve..
    Lookng god Steve although I must say it will look better when I am done with the tank..

  3. Steve says:

    You didn’t do the tank . But , thanks any way . I enjoyed doing it ..