Chopp Straight From Holland


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Another Dope Chopper From The Netherlands!

Year : 1980

“Hey I am ab (lazdude) from holland. Here are some pics of my bike that i build last year. Almost everything you see on this bike is handmade (springer frontend, hardtailframe, tank, steering, saddle, manifold with big SU carb and so on). Hope you like it. Lowlandchops Rules.”

Like its twin the Easy Dick XS650 this cool bike has a rearwheel set up with a offset gear and a two into one manifold with a single SU carburetor. A super long low profile with a drop seat and long- springer front give it its own character..


Groovy photo. Looks original straight from the 70s.



Thanks for sending in the pictures of your badass 650 Ab.


  1. Weed says:

    Hoi Ab,

    Super bike man, have also seen him in Rosmalen, together with those of Jan.
    It has given me inspiration for me next project.

    Super vette fiets man , heb hem ook gezien in Rosmalen samen met die van Jan.
    Het heeft me inspiratie gegeven voor me volgende project .
    Kijk eens even op als je wilt , als je het wat vind maak ik een account voor je aan en voor Jan als hij dat wilt .

  2. mo650chopper says:

    Love this bike, Awesome job brother!!

  3. Mainer-8 says:

    Looks great! We’re wondering how the clutch works? I see there’s a hand clutch in the photo looking down at the bike, but don’t see it in the photo shoot picture. Was it removed for the picture and put on to ride it?

  4. swinewerx says:

    that is wonderful

  5. Johnny Gold says:

    Looking at that bike gives me the munchies!

  6. Dane says:

    I love the way you hooked up the carb. Badass

  7. Mark says:

    Hey Ab,

    What a cool bike dit you build! I really like the SU carb set up. What kind of SU carb dit you used and witch what type (color) of spring is in it?