Easy Dick XS650 Hardtail Chopper


Describe Your XS650: It’s Green And Loud!

Righteous Ride From The Netherlands.

Another KICKASS original Yamaha 650 chopper from the Netherlands... Jan’s bike is definitely fresh and original. Look at that sick stretched out grinder with the brass wing nuts holding things together!! Jan’s bike is crazy long. $1 million bucks couldn’t buy the character and class in this bike. It’s even in my favorite color, army green!


It is sporting a retrofitted car tire rearwheel set up with a offset gear.


Yep, it’s a single carburetor setup.. It has a two into one manifold with a single carburetor on top. Notice how the gas tank has been dished to accommodate the huge single carb.



Looks like there’s another one on the chopping block!

Thanks for sending in the great pictures Jan.

Ha guys if you’re sitting on some cool XS650 pics send them in!


  1. Nate says:

    I dig the hell out of that SU carb set up…

  2. S!CK says:

    éy bro……east dick?
    Hahaha,what’s an east dick?
    It’s Easy Dick!
    Nevermind,it’s looking ok and your discription is perfect.
    I like the site so it’s good too see my xs here.
    ‘hanx for the compliments!!!
    I build it together with Ab…..yes… ‘The lazdude’
    I’ve asked him to send in some pix of his.
    Keep’m rollin’ and stay in touch ,with the dutch.

  3. Ted says:

    S!CK. I read your e-mail headlined and figured Easy Dick had something to do with your hometown. Typooooocorrected..
    Hahaha,what’s an east dick? I don’t know man? Stay in touch ,with the dutch. LOL

  4. Weed says:

    Hoi Jan,
    Hell yeah your bike is kik ass .
    I have been watching your bike for my next project.
    I have seen him in Rosmalen next to the red xs , is that you too.
    That is also kick ass.
    Would you also like to sign up on my forum http://www.hardtailmaniac.nl
    And tell a bit about your project.
    Greets Weed from Holland

  5. Tom Drover says:

    Man that is one ugly bike! Waste of parts!

  6. Ted says:

    Where’s your bike at “Tom”? LOL

  7. jay says:

    I would like to know how you did the back tire.

  8. Audy Mytron says:

    hey thats a kick ass bike i love the car tire for a rear tire i want to do the same thing the only thing really stopping me is how to fix the sprocket,disk brake and axle im drawing a blank . any can ya help ?


  9. Bow says:

    This is a Sick bike man,but it’s always possible to get it sicker.Nice photoshoot from Floris in the Bigtwin. I know your next project is the sickest off all. Ride on

  10. Americanbarber82 says:

    I’m with Tom. Total waste of parts and resources.

  11. fanoboss says:

    Love it, love expression as art. Even though lots of bikes may share similar attributes, they are like snowflakes, each one to be appreciated for what they contribute as a whole to the community of XS650 ! : )>

  12. fanoboss says:


  13. Pack Rat says:

    Hey Jan, I want to tell you that your bike is truly awesome and would like to pay you the best compliment a person can, that being the desire to create something similar to what you have. I’m eager to set my bike up with a car tire and rim but need some help getting there. I have a 79 XS650, a stock “car” rim similar to yours with a 215 70 R 15 tire I always thought a wide tire was the way to go. I think that the car tire will create the vintage eclectic look that I’m after. I was hoping that you would be so kind as to share your knowledge for this mod and guide me through it. I would really appreciate any help. If there is a better way to correspond with each other please let me know or you may want to contact me with a PM on http://www.mcdarksiders.forumotion.com username PACK RAT if you don’t already belong to this forum you might have to register then look me up under members heading, this forum is all car tire riders. I look forward to hearing from you Thanks.

  14. Pack Rat says:

    Gelieve antwoord terug over het stuur

  15. Pack Rat says:

    S! ck kunt u contact met mij op xstreme650@gmail.com zou ik echt waarderen uw hulp met details over deze te bouwen.

    S!ck please contact me at xstreme650@gmail.com I would really appreciate your help with details about this build.

  16. Pack Rat says:

    S!ck kunt u contact met mij op xstreme650@gmail.com zou ik echt waarderen uw hulp met details over deze te bouwen.

    S!ck please contact me at xstreme650@gmail.com I would really appreciate your help with details about this build.

  17. fanoboss says:

    ^^ gee , that first sentence sounded kinda NAS-DEE !!!

  18. Pack Rat says:

    Hey fanoboss, I see what you mean, maybe thats why S!ck hasn’t replied back. I never even noticed that when I posted it. I LMAO when I read it over, but that was google translation.

  19. fanoboss says:

    LOL, I got a chuckle out of it Pack Rat. So did wifey !

  20. Shane Ryans says:

    That carb set is pretty nice on this bike.

  21. pickles says:

    I dig the Hell outta this bad boy!