This is my very first motorcycle, I love the old vintage style motorcycles that I used to watch in old movies. I told myself if i ever buy a motorcycle, I would only buy a XS650 I love the bobber look. Well needless to say I finally found one that I liked the looks of and could make it my own with my own hands, and it only cost me $500. Enjoy the pictures that I have so far at the start of the project.

This bike is not running but some simple fixes will get it going, right now it is all spray paint on the tank and frame, new color coming soon, also to come is springer front end, new paint, new tire and wheels, forward controls and much more. I will post as soon as I finish each one. I did not make this a hard tail because of a bad back and I heard it was a rough ride I was injured in Iraq and really not looking for a rough ride. Enjoy.

Anthony riddle