So, This is the Miyabi, hopefully you all like her.

My brother and his crew built the bike for me. He owns a small garage called Flying Piston Garage, located in Bandung, Indonesia. The garage builts bikes and hot roads. I bought the bike about a year ago and started building it right after it.


Did some metal works for head lamp and front end covers. Rear and front wheels are both 21 inch. Seats will be leather covered soon. The Engine is totally overhauled.


We went riding with the bike the last couple of weeks; No complain at all, handling and power are perfect.


These are all the detail info. about the bike :
  • Yamaha XS 1972 650cc
  • – Engine : Rebuilt by Flying Piston Garage (FPG)
  • – frame : FPG
  • – Front End :  – Old Honda with Benley Head Lamp
  • – Covered by FPG
  • – Gas tank    : Yamaha DT modified by FPG
  • – Rear fender : FPG
  • – Seat : FPG
  • – Pipes : FPG
  • – Bars : FPG
  • – Tail Lamp : Old USH Car
  • – Wheels : F : 1.65 x 21 suzuki
  • R : 2.15 x 21 HD
  • – Tires : F : CST 300 x 21
  • R : Feida
  • – Brakes : F : CB 350
  • R : Kawasaki Meguro
The process took about 4-5 months since their also have some customer bike to be built. All the body works and the frame were fabricated in the garage. The gas tank originally from DT model and we modified (enlarged) it so it fit the frame. Head lamp mask, front end cover, rear vender and pipe were also done in the garage.
The engine was rebuilt by one of the garage crew. Front and rear wheels size are 21 inch. The handling is wonderfull and the power is great since I know since I rode it among a bigger engine size bike and I stil rode it convertably. Thanks to my brother and his crew (Flying Piston Garage), my Miyabi (XS 650), has completely done, only the paint but I’m still wondering if I am going to leave it just like this.
Thank you for your appreciation. Best regards,
Andi S. Soedjono