Metal Head Fabrication XS650 boardtracker

This here’s my wannabe boardtrack style xs650. I got the motor for the bike in in Feb 09 and have worked on it off and on till now.  The donor was a good running 82 that had 13,000 original miles. The frames been hacked up real good. The only stock part of it left is the lower motor mounts and the neck. It should have been made from the ground up, but I was to lazy at the time. The forks are ones I made for another bike that ended up sitting around for a while.  Me and a couple friends have tinkered with it in bits and pieces to get it where it is. Nothin to serious.





I’d like to paint the frame shiny black and put a brushed finish on the metal. Right now it’s getting put through it’s paces to sort out the bugs. Unfortunately, It’s gonna go on the back burner for a little while.  I’ll be sure to get more pics when it’s cleaned up though.


Ted- How long have you been in business with Metal Head Fabrication?

I’ve been doing general fabrication off and on since high school. I got serious about building frames about five or six years ago, and Metal Head Fabrication came to be in 2007.


How much gas do the dual tanks hold?

Each gas tank holds a little over three quarters of a gallon. Both together are right around one and three quarter gallons of fuel.


How does it ride?

The bike handles surprisingly well. The height of the frame rails, the rearward stretch, and the height of the steering neck are almost the same as a normal hardtailed XS. People kind of expect the suspension of the leafer to be rough or harsh, but it’s actually smooth. The big wheels soak up bumps like no ones business too. You can roll this thing up curbs no problem. Overall, it’s a blast to ride.