Suppose I should mention the forks & yolks are off a Triumph 955 with a Harley wheel & Bandit calliper. The head bearings on the Trumpet are the same size as the Yam but the stem had to be extended by an inch or so. At which point the lock stops were built inside the head stock. John at DRS sorted the spindles, spacers & rear axle plates.

So with Glyn Boy having done the welding next step was stick the wheel in & check nothing had moved. Satisfied all was resonable the trailor mudguard underwent a tightning of its radius & had a coulpe of inches whipped out of the diameter to make it a better fit for the proposed 150 section tyre.
The lockstops & ignition mount have been removed from the yolks to tidy them up a bit. Also, all traces of the original rear section of the frame have been junked. I’m starting to get an idea of where this is going now, particularly now I’ve aquired a tank that (I think) looks f%&$ing good on it. Although this will need some chopping about.


Attention now turns to the exhaust pipes, this needs the bike to go to Glyn’s mate’s workshop for a bit of fitting & welding. At this point some handlebars seemed a good idea to shove it around. As the metal was to hand a pair of clipons were knocked up as a short term remedy. However, these are growing on me & I think they’ll be staying. Fairly handy that.


The exhausts were the next item on the list & are 41mm stainless which is a standard diameter for cars (UK). A trip to the local car exhaust specialist got the pipe & a load of bends. Then it was off to Glyn’s boss’s place to do some cutting & welding. I quite like the results & they run down the L/H side cos it’s different & so I can get oil in the engine.

While at an autojumble I found an oil tank that with a bit of modification has found a new lease of life as the battery box. The bulk of the electrics will be housed in the fire extinguisher, something else that was bought with an idea it would be of use sometime. The gear & brake pegs are homemade & the footpegs are modified items from the “Don’t throw out box” with Triumph rubbers for that vintage look. The headlamp also came from something old & British.

The fuel tank’s from a BSA but I don’t know which model & this is due for some alteration to improve the fit, move the fuel cap & fit the fuel tap. Pretty crucial for it running that. I’ve been messing with this on & off for a while & it’s comming together quite nicely now (I think). Next up is the back wheel fitting then the electrics. So next update when there’s a bit of progress there.