Im just a lucky man

The bike started life as a 1983 yamaha xs650 special. I cut off all of the parts except the front half of the frame. I built a new back half on to the existing frame and then modified the existing neck to fit the 41mm wide glide HD front end. The rear sports a 300mm tire and the front is 21in. The wheels are from a stock bigdog motorcycle thanks to ebay.


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The fuel tank is the original Yamaha tank that i narrowed to fit the bike and i think it gives a nice touch.  The engine has had a 750 big bore kit, new rods, cam and heavy clutch and springs. It is very strong and takes the weight easily. The exhaust was made by me just of my own design.


I built and fabricated the jackshaft on my lathe and it works great. It ride pretty good. The tire is a little stiff but that comes with the look. It is a little cramped with the mid controls, i really loved the look better but im having to upgrade to forward controls. It turns like a big tire but handles very well on and off highway.


It has been to about 98mph with no shake or vibration except engine of course so i was very happy. I live in NC and build anything custom rat rods hot rods bikes. I also did the whole bike myself except the frame powder coat. The paint is my fist attempt at a custom paint job. It is black with a marblized flame base with airbrushed skulls and the candied over. I think it came out well.


This was also a project that my wife helped build (pictured) Im just a lucky man there. Also my contact info almost forgot she does ride with me on the removable seat.

Thanks  zach